Ovulating On The 18th 19th Oct Anyone Want To Join Me

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gemma - October 11

hi me and dh have just started ttc a couple of months i thought that i was preg last month had all the symptoms u could think of but then af came :-( but never mind theres plenty of more time. so here we go again this month. i live in the uk and have a little girl who will be 3 in feb, so we are wanting a little friend for her, and we r trying ot move too we need a bigger place! just writing to see if anyone wants to join me cause i think its nice to have someone to talk to other than dh cause they get a bit bored of it sometimes lol


pinky - October 12

hi gemma i O on 21 and i would like to wait with you .


gemma - October 12

hi pinky sure u can join me how long have u been ttc?


pinky - October 12

tanks gemma , this month gone be our second month ttc im married for 6 years but i always thought is best to finish school and have a job and later have a kid cus i knew i couldnt handle all at the same time ! now i got a job and i start on friday but i dont think my boss will be happy to hear that im trying to get pregnant !!! so you live in uk i have been in londen ,chatham and manchester and everytime i come there i love spending time in Tesco and buy a food ! :) and yes there is planty of time i learned that best thing is to stay relax and dont push husband guess is a only way ! and you should be happy you already have little angel and hope soon you will have second one !


angel - October 12

Hello gemma, I would love to join you...I O sometime around the 20th. This will be my second month ttc and I'm super excited about it. Believing for a positive this month! I've been married to the most amazing piece of masculine flesh alive, and I also have a 10 month old...I would love for him to have a sister. I m/c at 12 weeks a couple months ago, but I'm not looking back anymore...only forward for what God has for me!!


gemma - October 12

hi pinky and welcome angel, this is also my second month trying to concieve tesco's is really good my sister in law works there i worked there last christmas, but i prefer asda, like your wallmart (same people) i live in east anglia Gorleston (norfolk) its the second most easterly part of uk pinky dont tell your boss that u r ttc he or she cant do anything when u become pregnant i dont that at my last job i only worked there for a month when i fell but my boss was really good about it. Angel im sorry to hear about your m/c and im glad you have such a positive outlook for this one where ru u both from?


angel - October 13

Hey gemma...and pinky :) To answer your question, I'm from Ohio :) And I love it here. Originally I'm from Maine (which I love more!!), but moved here with my husband about 3 months ago. Well af finished for sure yesterday and some people have recommended bding from here until about 5 days past your estimated o date...I think I might try bd'ing a little earlier and continue on later on in the month then I did last time...just for the fun of it :) What about u guys? When are your af's due, and when are you planning of bding???


test junkie - October 13

Hi girls, I'd like to join you if you don't mind. I'm 32 and am in my 6th month ttc. I am expecting to o around the 18th or 19th and my AF is due on Oct. 31. My cycles are usually around 26 days. I live in Ontario, Canada. This will be my first child. Babydust to you ladies!


gemma - October 14

hi, and of course u can test junkie, my af is due on the 3rd of oct i have been bd since i finished and am going to start again this weekend lol i worked out on a ovulation calander that i should be ovulating on the 19th and am most fertile on the 16 17 and 18th of this month if that is any help to u all well lets have fun trying im 23 by the way i had my little girl (ellie) when i was 21 i also got married when i was 8 months pregnant i looked like a hippo lol i also moved into my house aswell so i moved in dec got married in jan and had ellie in feb and u r suppost to rest whilst pregnant lol!


test junkie - October 15

I've been testing with my opk's and no dark line yet, however I have felt yesterday and today like "o" is approaching. Strange. We've been bding since cd7 (I'm on cd11) and we are trying the every other day method. Hope it works this time!


gemma - October 15

yeah we are trying every other day to im starting to get the feeling of o too


test junkie - October 17

Hi girls, where's everyone been? We're getting close to "o" so I wanted to wish everyone good luck, and happy bding!!!


angel - October 17

Well I'm pretty sure I o'ed...just waiting :) Anyone else?


test junkie - October 20

I don't think I have o'd yet. No positive opk and just started getting ewcm on Tuesday. I'm getting nervous that I am not going to O at all. ~babydust~


gemma - October 20

hi, i dont know if i have yet or not my cervix has gone high and is wet and soft but i get confused with all this so i calculated it and i think its either today or happened yesterday so me an hubby bd last night and we r going to again tonight just to make sure lol then all we have to do ladies is wait GOOD LUCK test junkie im sure you will don panick


angel - October 20

Hang in there test junkie and take advantage of the ewcm :)


test junkie - October 20

OK - I feel like o is coming on now. I'm getting the mild cramps. I haven't used the opk's yet but I will in a few minutes. I bd'ed last night and will again tomorrow morning before work. Wish me luck girls!



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