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amy - March 29

i am currently trying to get pregnant after my 2nd miscarriage in november. i am 24 years old, so i dont feel as though my age is a factor into my miscarriages. however, i am not quite sure when i ovulate due to my cycles not being too regular, before i miscarried they were starting to get on track, but i was due for my menstraul cycle 4 days before i conceived which seems odd to me. my question is how do i determine when i am ovulating, i have done the ovulation tests and everything, and am still not sure. i have a 2-3 regular periods since i miscarried which is my basis on why i am able to start trying again, but i dont know if i am determining my ovulation correctly. please help, as i am nervous, and worried of another miscarriage. i was due for my period, on the 20th, and havent gotten it yet, but i took an at home pregnancy test last week and it came up negative could it have been too soon. thank you for your time, and i appreciate any feedback that i am given.


amy - March 30

can some one please help me in regards to this matter? thank you.


Audrey - March 30

Amy- In a regular cycle ovulation occurs around Day 14 if you count Day 1 as the 1st day of your period. The fertile zone is Day 10-16. If your cycles aren't regular it's harder to tell. I don't have regular cycles either, so the way I tell is by watching for mucus discharge and cramping that can be felt on either one side or the other, which lasts maybe an hour or so. Good luck!


amy - March 30

thenk you audrey that helps a lot.


chriss - March 30

Amy, if your cycles are irregular, you should try charting your temps or checking your Cervix (High vs Low) you should also be watching out for the CM that usually happens around O. a few days before ovulation it will be really clear and liquid, like egg whites and then closer to ovulation it will get thicker and kind of stretchy, this is your most fertile time. Hope this helps and Good luck


amy - March 30

that is good advice also, i really appreciate your feedback. until i found this website, i thought i had done so much research, but i keep learning more everyday thank you guys!



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