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Nikki - June 24

I have a question I'm sure it has been asked just wanted to kow anyways. I was on the pill for 11 years I went off in Oct I got my first normal period in Dec... ever since I have been getting my period every 27-28 days. I bought those ovulation sticks and all month they didn't show me ovulating. So my question is Can you get a regular AF every month and not ovulate? Were trying really hard to get prenant!!!


bump - June 24

please help me out


Audrey - June 25

Nikki- In my experience, if no egg was produced that month then the period flow would be light and a brownish colour instead of red. It does take a few months for the body to get back to normal after going off the pill. So don't get discouraged yet. :)


melissa-audrey - June 25

hi audrey, well you know i have thought that same thing before. you see my period is usually heavy and really red. but this month i thought for sure i was preg. had all the symptoms or thought i did and then af came on the 19th. early it should have come on the 23rd but now i think it may have been a chemical preg. but now i don't know how many i may have had before. that is if i ovulate every month which i think i do have the fertile signs that i have read about. well i am really ttc and we have it almost everyday and sometimes morning and night. haha. but i would think that it would be a good chance to get preg. what else do you think could be done


Becky - June 27

Nikki - Sometimes you end up missing your surge when taking ovulation tests. The lady from peeonastick.com said she would always catch her's around 10-midnight! I don't know about you, but I didn't test that late usually. This month I bought a bunch from dollar tree and tested twice a month, I still didn't get a "darker than the control line" positive (though I did get one pretty dark)... but I know that I ovulated because I was also temping. I would suggest that you start temping on your next first cycle day. It's not good for saying when to BD that month, cause it only tells you after the fact, but it WILL tell you if you ovulated that cycle. And you can use that to help timing for later months (since the leutal phase is normally about the same from month to month). If you want more info on temping tyep "Basal Body Temps" in google, and the first one up should help. Good luck!


Paula - June 27

You can get a regular af every month and not o. The lining of the uterus build up for prep in preg, but when the hormones stop production and no preg has occured, you shed the lining. I didn't learn any of that until after see a fertility specialist and he advised me that you only o and release an egg after the maturity which can or cannot occur in every month of the cycle. You have 4 hormones that must be stimulated and at the right levels for o to occur and if they don't peak at the right time you will not o because you didn't have a mature egg. He said I woman may o 4-6 times a year. I hope that the info helps. If I was you I would get the o kits from the Dollar Tree. I know o kits can range from $18-25 for seven sticks and you can buy 18-25 for the price of 7. I usually test 2x a day. They say it best to test between 12-9pm. I think if you use them 2x a day it would help.



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