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Lucky1 - December 22

When your BBT Spikes and goes up, does it mean that you have already ovulated and it's too late to TTC? or Does it mean that you have just begun to ovulate and you need to be TTC right away? I am asking because my DH and I TTC on Sunday night, but skipped monday and Tues. Last period was on 12/2 and I am on a 35 day Cycle, according to the ovulation predictor on Babycenter I am supposed to ovulate between 12/21 and 12/26. Yesterday my BBT was 97.3, and my cervical mucus was clear and thin last night. This morning my BBT was 98.5..... does that mean it's too late for me to try?? or is there still a chance this month????


Juli - December 22

Lucky1..Yes once your BBT has spiked that means you have already ovulated. I was doing the same thing, charting my temperature and thinking that once it spiked that meant "it's time". But no it's not too late TTC but you may only have like a day window. I would really recommend getting an Ovulation kit. I always thought that I was ovulating at the begining of my "between the days of" but once I got the kit I found out that I was actually ovulating at the very end of my "fertile time" and then the BBT made complete sense. My temperature stayed high and I am now 13 wks pregnant. I think our timing was off and we got pregnant the first time around with the Ovulation kit. Well Hope I didn't confuse you more and this helps.....Good Luck!!!!


Lucky1 - December 22

Can some one give me some advice????


Lucky1 - December 22

Thanks Juli........ I did tried on Sunday night, Monday morning so that means that theres' a chance I was right on the money!!!! I also tried Friday Morning so I'll keep my fingers crossed..... Thanks again Juli!!!!!


Lucky1 - December 22

By the way... Congratulations!!!!!!


Lucky1 - January 3

Some How I am Preg, took the test yesterday, Thanks Juli for the response.


lucky2? - January 3

hi, funny i should stumble on this email trail today as i pretty much follow lucky 1's pattern but one week later. i too did the ovulation calculator on babycenter.com and wondered the same thing about the BBT. i believe i ovulated on christmas day so wish me luck...would be the BEST christmas gift ever as i m/c back in sept. at 6.5 weeks. did either of you have any "signs" early on? i have a few (abdominal twinges/ga__siness/some discharge/little lightheaded) but i don't want to be too hopeful....i should be able to test end of the week. any advice? thanks - and CONGRATULATIONS to you both!!!!


pl - January 3

are you doing bbt in the morning before getting out of bed? your cervical mucus will be more like egg whites. you should try an use opk. it will help you out more than bbt at this point. but it really sounds like you missed ovulation if you were supposed to on 12/21 and 12/26 .


Juli - January 4

Congrats Lucky1...glad to hear the great news!!!!!! Good Luck with everything...hopefully you won't experience horrible "all day" sickness!!


Lucky1 - January 4

Well Lucky2, I was actually concerned B/C I don't really have the typical symptoms of pregnancy, but my fiirst signs were cramps, and sore b___sts. My b___st got sore two weeks ago, that's not the norm when AF is coming. Normally they would get sore about 4 days before it shows up. Also I was having weird cravings, and I could just feel something going on. I know it sounds crazy but I could tell that something was different. Also I got constipated (still am). Those were all my signs. actually, I still have a lot of those symptoms..... I just realized that. I guess not having the typical morning (noon or night) sickness is throwing me off. Also, my stomach is still flat so I guess that's why I don't feel preg...... I guess I just need to stop worrying!!!


lucky2? - January 4

thank you for your note, lucky1. the wait for me is so painstaking...i don't know if my head is playing tricks on me or not, but "signs" have waxed and waned. it seems that ga__siness and mild cramps (on my left side) are the most prevalent and, even then, sporadic. i was a bit light headed yesterday but today nothing much at all. i am trying to remain hopeful...cross your fingers that my BBT continues to stay elevated. AF is due on thurs. 1/6. only a few days to go! thanks again. really appreciate the feedback.


Lucky1 - January 5

Juli, Keep me posted!!!


Juli - January 5

Lucky1 don't be thrown off by the lack of morning sickness...and it's still eary...but hopefully you won't experience it!! Actually, I really didn't have any symptoms....I felt more like AF was coming. I felt crabby, and bloated, I didn't even have b___st soreness. But as soon as I hit 6 weeks, I started to feel the sickness....and it has sucked!!! I am not at week 15 and still have the occa__sional spontenous trips to the restroom. I am anxiously awaiting this "burst of enery" I've heard about! I feel like I have been pregnant forever already!!! I'm just ready to feel, see, & find out who's in there!!!! Keep me posted on your news as well....have you been to the doctor yet for a due date?


Lucky1 - January 5

I went to the doctor yesterday and he said my due date should be Sept 12!!!! I still have the appt on Feb. 1st, He told me I will actually get to see my baby at that time. WOW!!


Juli - January 5

Isn't it exciting going to the doctor and actually hearing the word...POSITIVE!!!! It is so neat to see the baby for the first time. I don't know if he suggested to you to bring a videotape. We brought one to our 8 week appointment and it was exciting seeing it in the doctor's office, but when you go home and watch it on a bigger screen....it's even better...even more amazing!!! You can actually make out tiny arms & legs and eyes...it really is amazing!!! My due date is June 28th so I should get to find out the gender next month!! Now it's just the waiting game...again...you can't wait to find out if your pregnant and then you can't wait for the next appointment or next milestone!!!


Lucky1 - January 6

You are so right Juli, I am so anxious for Feb 1st........ I'll keep you posted....



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