Ovulation At End Of AF PLS Help

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ANSWERS? - February 9

Hi, I have been ttc for a couple months now. I got one of those ovulite microscopes. I was a 4 days late for af in December and then January too. I took a test at the end of Januarty and it was bfn, I started af on the 2nd and I bled heavy at first and then it quickly went away. I haven't hardly been bleeding for the last few days (just a little red goo here and there and light spotting (when I use the bathroom). I also had no cramps with this af. I decided to use my microscope this morning and it shows FULL ferning!?!? Is this possible with me just finishing up af? I wouldn't be able to tell by cm because it is gooey red. Also, I wouldn't know how long I was full ferning because today is the first time I have used the miscroscope since last months ovulation. What does this mean? Should I start ttc now? I hope I haven't missed my window of opportunity. Someone please help answer these annoying questions of mine!!! THANK YOU!


ashley1018 - February 9

I am afraid I don't know what ferning is, I have not used a microscope before, but I would try taking your BBT temp. It is an easy way to find out when and if you are ovulating.


ANSWERS? - February 9

Ferning is where there are fern patterns (fern leaf) in the picture in the microscope that covers the entire slide. This is telling you that ovulation is in occurance. Thanks anyway. I wish someone would answer my question!!!


Chas - February 9

It is possible to ovulate right after your period if your cycles are short. (24-25 days) usually it's the week after af. Maybe your cycles are just irregular with you being late the last two months. I would chart your temp like Ashley said, that is the only sure way to know if and when you are ovulating. I would bd according though, if you got the full ferning. hope this helps some.


jeanette - February 9

Are you sure that was your normal period and arent pregnant? Have you tested lately?


ANSWERS? - February 9

Thanks for your help. I tested a few days before I finally started, and then it was BFN. Didn't test again because I started af. I am full ferning on the scope though and my cervix is high and soft. Would my cervix be like this if I was pregnant? I hope I haven't missed the window of opportunity as I won't even see my hubby until tomorrow night:( Anything else that might help me I would appreciate it. I have also been hungry the last few days all the way until I go to bed. I don't know if it is because I am bord or really hungry. In turn it has made my pants a little tight. Otherwise no other obviouse signs that I could be so that is another reason I haven't tested after af. Talk to you soon and have a good day! Thank you


ANSWERS? - February 9

Do you gals think I should do a test to see if this was just a mistake of a af? I hope I am not bothering anyone...just looking for the answers. Thanks!


Lin - February 9

I have read in several different sources that some women get ferning near the time of AF and that it *does not* indicate ovulation at that time. That said, it wouldn't hurt to test in case it is due to pregnancy. But if you've gotten AF, even if it's light, I'd guess that you aren't pregnant (don't mean to be a bummer, just a realist).


ANSWERS? - February 9

Thanks. I have not read that anywhere about getting full ferning when af! Good to know. I hate to ignore it though. You just never know!


ANSWERS? - February 13

Maybe Grandpa Viv has an answer?



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