Ovulation Calendar Doesn T Work

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krisowens - July 7

ok i was going by the ovulation calendar u can download off the internet..well, it said i should ovulate fromt he 1st - 5th of july, well today i started with the heavy cm...so i am ovulating best today correct? Last time my dh & I bd'd was on the 5th...have I missed my chance or do I have a good chance tonight? I am so confused! That calendar really thru me off.


sarahd - July 7

Did you enter your normal cycle length? Those calendars usually revert to 28 days unless you enter different info. Generally they say your best chances of conceiving are up to 5 days prior to O, and up to one day after, so two days ago would be perfect, and definitely bd tonight also! Good luck!


jeanette - July 7

If you are having egg white type or watery colorless cm, then you are fertile now...ovulation may come during or after this kind of cm. Best chances are to BD when you start seeing that kind of cm, and a few days after to cover all bases. Actually, its best to start a few days even before you see that CM, unless you are up on checking your CP internally to be alerted to when the CM first starts...it may take awhile to come on out to where its noticeable on the tp or on your panties. But since you've already BD'd on the 5th, you should be covered, so keep going until a day or two after you dry up.....Unless those charts take into consideration your bodily signs, opk results, and basal temp, then all they can really give is a rough estimate based on your dates alone. No womans body is reliable enough to go on dates alone. Happy BD'ing! : D


krisowens - July 7

i will definetly get the hubby to bd again tonight...i was so afraid i'd already missed my chance...we want a boy so bad...calendar also said that the last day of ovualation (most fertile) best time time to try for a boy...maybe this is our chance...we have a dd..it doesn't really matter as long as its healthy!


kimholl28 - July 7

Ovulation calanders can be a great tool, but can cause some confusion as to when you ovulate. If your cycle varies even by a few days each month this can give you a different ovulation date. Make sure you know your average cycle length and be sure to enter it. This method I think works best when you use ovulation predictor test with it. The calander can give you a basic idea of when to start testing. I would go with the cm too though. Good luck!



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