Ovulation EARLY

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jprice0903 - October 27

I got af on Oct. 15th. That was a monday. I have usually been getting my periods every 4 mondays.... Last mth. when we starting trying I looked online at the ovulation calendar thing and it said I should ovulate that 2nd monday..which makes sense b/c it would be 14 days past my period and 14 before the next.. so I went with it. Well, this mth I did it again and it showed the same thing.. I went to the store and got the clearblue digital ov. test just in case and I started taking them on day 10 which was this past thursday. On thursday I got a empty circle so that was no, but Friday (yesterday) I got a SMILEY! So that means I need to BD yesterday and today to b/c I would ovulate between 24hrs. -36hrs from that smiley. Long story short... Do you think thats right b/c itsn't that really early for me to ovuate??? I was only on day 11. I took it right. I took it at the exact same time both days at 6am since you can't pee 4hrs before you use it it said morning urine is best.. You think I could ovuate at day 11?? I hope its accurate b/c we've all ready done the BDing :) lol... maybe thats why I missed it last mth......................???????????????????


kendra.marie - October 27

really okay. um pregnancy tests first morning urine, all the opks ive used say night urine is the best, so its hard to say & just because an ovulation calculator says you ovulate on a certain day doesnt mean thats how it goes. you can ovulateion 36 hrs before you get a smiley & 36 hours after as well. you should read up on opks a bit hunni, just some advice i did. && u need to know how many days your cycles are not jsut every 4 mondays there are different numbers of days in different months. so that can through your ovulation off also. lots of things can i hope this helped && have fun TTC. i enjoy mine hehe im on my 2ww now.


jprice0903 - October 28

the clearblue digital says that morining urine is whats recomended b/c you can't pee 4hrs before you use it.. It says a lot of women find it earsier that way since you were sleeping long. I wasn't saying I trusted the internet calendar, but it just seemed to make sense. I took that test 2 days in a row and the first got nothing and the 2nd got a smiley so I doubt I ovulated 36hrs. before that smiley since I got a circle the day before. Have you used Clearblue? I followed all the directions that it told me to. I hoping it was right..If not its to the doctor I got after my 2ww and get some advice from him.



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