Ovulation Immediately After Coming Off The Pill

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kristina - August 17

h__lo ! i'm curious if anyone has any knowledge or experience of ovulating immediately after coming off the pill. we've decided to start ttc in a few months when i will have a better maternity policy at work, but today (3 days after being off the pill, good riddens), i've been having ovulation symptoms (mild cramping/pain in lower left abdomen and stretchy ewcm). so now i'm wondering, if me and hubby bd on sat. without protection (one last hurrah !), since the sperm can last 5 days and i'm ovulating now (if possible ?), could i get prego ? although it would be great, we would like to have the maternity policy and we were supposed to wait till october for that coverage. any opinions or advice ? thx in advance !


Julz - August 17

It's totally possible that you could be ovulating, immidiately after coming off the pill, but I wouldn't get my hopes up on it. Most women it takes at least a month after coming off the pill before they will start to ovulate again. I beleive it has a lot to do with how long you've been on b/c. Keep us informed, though. I'm interested to see how this turns our for you. Good luck!


Jen - August 17

I'm in your situation Kristina. I just got off the pill when you did and I've been having mild cramping. I looked into it and found that some women Can ovulate right away, some ovulate up to 2 weeks later (and that's if you ovulate at all). One girl on here said that right when she stopped the pill she waited for her next period and it never came cuz she was pregnant. Depends on your body.


shannon - August 17

This is a ques. I have as well. i went off the pill one month ago, thought I would get my period when I usually do b/c I had all the signs, but now am two days late. My hubby and I bd w/o protection on Sun. since I thought I was so close to getting it. I have heard it takes awhile to get your period though. Kristina & Jen, keep me updated on whats going on. Thanks!


Jen - August 17

Hey Shannon do you have any pregnancy symptoms?


Alycia - August 18

Shannon - I went off the Pill after my 6/28 period. My next period was five days late, and I thought I had been having pregnancy symptoms. Now I think it was just my haywire hormones getting back to normal. I was pretty sure I hadn't ovulated the first month (I always feel it), so I bought an ovulation predictor kit for this month. Now I know for sure I'm ovulating, and when to expect my period (14 days after o) so I'll know when it's officially late. Give that a try maybe.


kristina - August 18

wow, so glad i'm not alone :-) well, i did go to the docs yesterday to get all my bloodwork done and get my pre-natals, etc and she told me it's very possible to ovulate right after coing off the pill. which to me would be wonderful since i'm worried about that. so she said i'll know if i get my af in approx. 2 weeks or by then i'm haivng symptoms or want to test, etc. just a waiting game she said. i doubt i'm prego since i'm still having those mild pains and we bd on sat. so i don't think the sperm will still be alive by now. so i think i'm in the clear for being prego, but psyched if i am actually ovulating. i did buy those ovulation strips, but of course they haven't arrived yet. i was thinking i'd start taking them tomorrow, but think i was too late :-( keep me posted on all your situations, etc. baby dust to us all !


HELEN - August 18

I came off the pill and caught pregnant straight away with my dd so i never got my af as i was pregnant with my first o [about 2 weeks after coming off the pill]. This time coming off the pill i've just got my af , but at least i know i ovulated and can now watch my cycle . H ope this helps anyone good luck to all xxxxxxxxxx


shannon - August 18

Jen, I am more tired than usual and sore bbs,but Im guessing that could also be due to possiblity of period coming on soon. Maybe it is from "wacky" hormones. :)


Db242 - December 26

I wondering the same thing. I just finished my last pack of BC, had my period or withdrawal bleeding I shud say and I did not start a new pack as expected. Because I'm ttc. I'm having on and off cramps as I always do before a normal period. And my breast are sensitive so who's to say maybe it's just the hormones maybe not. I don't expect another period till Jan 5 according to the last period even though I don't think it counts but not I tell ya the wait is killing me:-(


Db242 - December 26

Please update and share the news. As will I thanks good luck



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