Ovulation Issue

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Kris - December 22

My last period was on Dec. 8 I should be ovulating on the 22 or 23. Last week I had really bad cramps but there was not mucus this week (last 3 days) I have a little mucus but very little. Last night I had cramping again and today my lower stomach is soar? What does this mean? Could I have concieved? I had unprotected s_x on th 10, 16,18? Help please


EF - December 22

If you are on a 28 day cycle you should be ovulating now...those dates you had s_x..didn't add up I'm not sure you were ovulating then but it sure sounds like your ovulating now.


Grandpa Viv - December 22

Yes, you could. Ovulation is not as predictable as some like to think. FYI, s_x on the 18th could get you pregnant even if you ovulated on schedule - sperm lasts up to 5 days in your reproductive tract. Watch for additional early signs in the next days, and take a home test in mid January if you have not had a normal period by then. Good luck!


Kris - December 22

So if I have s_x tonight are my chances of getting pregnant still high if I am ovulating?


Lucky1 - December 22

Kris, I'm almost in the same situation. I am on a 35 day cycle and according to the ovulation predictor on "Babycenter.com" I should ovulate between 12/21 - 12/26. yesterday my bbt was 97.3, last night I checked my mucus and sure enough everything seems to be ready, but my DH ended up coming home after I was already asleep. This morning my BBT was 98.5. I am going to try tonight, I just hope that it isn't too late..... Good Luck to you!!!!!!


Christine - December 22

You could have ovulated early...which would make the 16th and 18th possible days to have concieved...If you actually are ovulating today..yesterday would have given you a higher chance, but today is still a very good time to try..then intercourse again on Christmas Eve is worth a shot as well...good luck


Kris - December 23

Thanks for all the insight. I had a bit more mucus before I had s_x with my bf last night. So I pray I was ovulating. We had s_x twice last night. I went to the bathroom about 20 minutes after each time. When I got up this morning and stood up I had liquid running down my leg? I dont think i was sperm because I cleaned myself so I wont not leak out. Any ideas of what is going on?7



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