Ovulation Not Matching Cervical Mucus

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anamariaflorencia - October 24

Hi ladies, This is month 13 of ttc for me. It's strange, when the ovulation predictor test came up positive, I was dry. 6 days later I had stretchy mucus. Was the op test wrong? This has happened for several months. I don't have ewcm when tests come up positive. I get more cm as I approach my period. Do you get cm at time of o? I'm 7dpo today. I could use some company in waiting.


anamariaflorencia - October 25

bumpy-bump, which is what I hope to have soon. :)


kendra.marie - October 25

join the 2ww forum we would love to hear from you babe [= lol im 7po also. af is due Nov 1 for me. im 7dpo. is your cm creamy lotiony or more watery or stretchier.? just question you opks probably weren't right, but i've heard of people ovulation & getting egg white cm after ovulation & that does happen also. it just means your egg would fertilize later then normal.


pamala77 - October 25

I never get the ewcm and i tested positive on the OPK 3 days in a row and got a BFP on 10 DPO. Because of the lack of cm, I used Preseed. Its a sperm friendly lubricant. Worth a try if you haven't already. Got my BFP first month using it!! Good luck!


NinaS82 - October 25

Hello Anamaria. I know what you mean, it can be very confusing. My opk said I ovulated around the 10th but I only had cervical mucus from the 5th-8th or so and then i was dry. Just to be on the safe side, my dh and I bd'd everyday from the 5th-13th. It was tiring but worth it! I am now almost 5 weeks pg. Good luck to you!


anamariaflorencia - October 26

I love getting responses! Thank you. Kendra, I think I will join the 2ww forum, thanks for the info. We're both due around the same time, I'm not expecting af on Oct. 31st. Pamala, I'm so glad to hear I'm not alone. I've done the opk's for four or five months now and I'm never wet when it shows that I'm o-ing. I haven't used preseed yet, but I guess that's the next step. Nina congrats! How are you feeling? How long did you ttc? And when did you find out you were preggos? I hope everyone has a marvolous Friday!



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