Ovulation Pains EWCM But No LH Surge

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Lee - February 21

I have been having the normal ovulation pains for about 3 days, today was the first day of EWCM, but I still have negative LH surge on my OPK'S? Whats going on?????


dot - February 21

Maybe you are pregnant and the O pain is really sign of pregnancy


Susan - February 21

Hi Lee, continue testing till you get a surge line darker than the test line, I sometimes get mine 3 days after I see the first EWCM. It's probably a good time to start trying every other day! Good Luck!!


Lee - February 21

Thanks! I wish I was pregnant already, but I would only have conceived yesterday! :) I have long cyles. My last was 38 days and I ovulated on day 27. Today is day 23 for me. I will continue testing and TTC... Good luck to everyone!!!!


meetoo - February 22

I had the same problem!! no LH surge but yet had the mucous! I used up the whole kit! someone out there know? Does it mean I didnt drop and egg- and my body is just prepping for it? I started testing on day 10- and nothing..


Lee - February 22

I am still having a light surge (faint line)but nothing that indicates a real surge. That has been since Saturday!


Lee - February 22

And I only had the EWCM on one day? Does that make sense?


mulgajill - February 22

You only need A FAINT line surge... as soon as you see it GO FOR IT... it means and egg is on it's way... and the sperm has to be there to meet it...


Lee - February 22

My OPK's tell me that a faintline means nothing unless it is as dark or darker than the control line. Is that wrong?


mulgajill - February 23

mine says as long as the line is there, doesn't matter how faint/strong..... not to use early morning urine... if there is a line you have a surge... means ovulation is on its way... mine came positive this morning..... you may want to look at www.peeonastick.com for further imformation... once you have a line you have to keep busy for at least the next three to four days... my man is currently in a semi-comatose state sleeping from his exertions... probably wondering why i am being so loving... :-) goodluck!


Lee - February 23

I tested again today and had a line, but not darker than the control line. Mine test instructions say that it has to be a DARK line, but I had some very stretchy CM this afternnon, not clear, kinda clody, but a lot of it and very stretchy and wet.



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