Ovulation Pregnancy Question

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krisowens - June 7

ok my husband and i had s_x 4 days after my period ended...i thought i might get pregnant then...now i can feel sharp pain on my left side..ovulating I am sure...does that mean i am not pregnant then?


LadyD - June 7

What CD (cycle day) are you on? MOST women Ov mid-cycle, but everyone is different. If you are feeling Ov pains, now then you more than likely aren't pg. How do you know it's Ov pain? Do you temp or chart or anything? I


krisowens - June 7

No i haven't charted...my last period start date was May 24..we had unprotected s_x June 31...yesterday I started with the stringy discharge and pain today


denisecasanova - June 7

You know if you enter in the date of your last period on the pregnancy due dat caculator your conception date is today june 7th. So you are probaly ovulating right now. It is very unlikely that you are pregnant right now


krisowens - June 7

that is what i figured...i was just curious...but i will keep trying!!!!!!


kimholl28 - June 7

Krisowens, today is the time to be trying, you are ovulating today. The cramping and the cervical mucus all indicate ovulation. I would have s_x today and tommorrow to cover your basis. A women should ovulate around day 14 of a 28 day cycle, add a day for everyday your cycle pa__ses 28 days. (counting from first day of period. They have really great ovulation calenders you can easily download. You just enter your cycle length and last period date and it will tell you best days to concieve. They are free to use. Just google ovulation calender.


krisowens - June 7

thanks so much kim..i appreciate it!!!


krisowens - June 9

ok just to update....i really think i was just ovulating for the past 2 days...my left side just had that dull pain there...so my husband and i had s_x last night..so i am hoping we will be pregnant !!!!


LadyD - June 9

Good luck kris. I had, and still, have a hard time figuring out exactly when I Ov. I had my daughter years ago & by my calculations from that pregnancy & my cycle pretty much stayed the same, I figure I Ov around cd15. This morning, I went to bathroom before I bd'd and when I wiped I saw a lot of lotiony cm. Of course I jumped right back in the bed...lol. I am pretty sure I ov'd because yesterday my stomach was cramping too. ** I have my fingers crossed for you**



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