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Ovulate problmes - May 7

THIS IS DUMB FOR ME ASKNG: but i am very curious... when do you ovulate? you ovulate before you start your period right? or is it after words? i belive that its before but i wa stalkng to some lady and she said after words.. hmmm can you help me out PLEASEEEE THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!


Dani - May 7

Usually, a women with a somewhat normal cycle will ovulate 10-14 days after the start of your period. The first day of your period is considered to be day 1. Hope this helps....it worked for me and others!!! Baby dust to all!!!!!


ovlulation problmes - May 7

arlight another question igot my period but it lasted for a day.... could that mean that im pergenant????????? i stil havent gotten it yet.... and its been more then two weeks past?????????


Erin - May 7

Actually, you are supposed to ovulate 10-14 days BEFORE your next period. If you had a cla__sic 28 day cycle, you would ovulate on day 14, if you have a 32 day cycle, you would ovulate on day 18. You may be pregnant and the "period" you are reffering to was implantation bleeding. I would take a test. Good luck!


stacey - May 7

Erin is right. Ovulation Problems, have you tested? A one day period- if it was time for your period could be implantation- was it light/heavy? However, if it wasn't time for your period it could be breakthrough bleeding.


ovulate problmes - May 7

alright thank you all for your postings.... another quick question.... what actually is " implantation bleeding"???? why does it occure??? i have never herd of implantation bleeding..... mayb i have herd of it from another calliing of it... can you please explain that to me as well???? and to stacey... what i had was i thought was my " period" it was bleeding that was barley even there.... it would change colors as the hrs went on.. to me it looked like a brown discharge mixed with blood.. i had it on the day i was supose to receive my period but lasted for about a day maybe a day in a half.... with there beign a lil bit of blood.... al il bit of discharge or nothing at all... most of the time i would only know if i was bleeding when i went to the bathroom and whiped.... please can you explain this to me on this as well.. thank you



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