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HLT1986 - February 23

I am just curious to know when the earliest someone has ever ovulated before. I have heard the odd cases of people getting preg while on their period....How exactly does that happen? I had unprotected s_x the last day of my 7 day period..I would think that pregnancy would be super slim at that time right?


KWaits - February 23

Its very unlikely to ovulate that early. My cousin did realize with her second child that she ovulated twice a month. First, about 3-4 days after her period and second about a week or so later.


HLT1986 - February 23

How exactly does it happen? I mean I understand that ovulating early is rare but does happen..but is there causes for it like stress, coming off of bcps, stuff like that....This is my second month off of bcps because they werent making me feel very well after 4 years..and my first cycle was exactly 28days down to the hour really...so I guess I am just being sure I suppose


HLT1986 - February 23

Also, sorry to keep going on and on, Is it common for women to become bloated druing O'time? I know that cramping is a common sign but I have never really bloated up like this before during the O.


Daynae79 - February 23

HLT1986, i just O'd also and was extremely bloated for 2 days so i think it is a common symptom. anyone else?


HLT1986 - February 23

I may as well just explain myself...Well my EX bf (just recent) left me out of confusion still loves me he says but also has feelings for his ex gf..yet we were together for 2years!!!! I just moved back in with my parents and went off of bcps. Him and I are still talking as friends and everything and I am being understanding to feelings and uncontrollable love i suppose....but the real issue is, we have still slept together!!! I cant help it, I love him soo much and would give my world to be with him he was so good to me. I am respecting him and giving him space to realize his life and being here like the caring person I have been my whole life. Well to my point now...I got of Bcps in January and had a regular 28day cycle and I had my LMP 2/11 and should O this weekend between now and Sunday and today it just so happens him and I had a moment. He used the 'pull out method' but yet I am bloated and have stretchy discharge (TMI). I am scared I have actually o'd today and I could get preg from the prec_m...I could really really use some input with this one it is a very difficult situation and I am not really sure what Id do if I got preg by him. I mean I would be ok with a child and would never think for a second to be p__sed off by an act I did and a child god created, but I am just lost and confused and I know you ladies arent going to judge too bad. PLEASE HELP!!!!!


Daynae79 - February 23

well, if you think you are O'ing, even if he "pulled out" you could still get PG. only time will tell really. Did you know your were O'ing when you slept w/ him?


HLT1986 - February 23

well I had a thought that it was what it could be...but yet I havent really o'd bc of bcps in a long time so I guess I was in denial I dont know....I told him it was a possibility, but then we kind of got into the heat of the moment and ignored it....I feel stupid right now...I think in this situation it should be safe to hope that I didnt catch the egg


Daynae79 - February 23

Well, good luck to you. I hope it turns out how you want it to. Please keep us posted :)


HLT1986 - February 23

I will keep ya posted definitely...Thank you for listening it is really hard for me to talk about with my friends or anything I just feel so stupid and nieve...btw I am a 20 year old college student and he is 26 and set in his career (he could support it), but I dunno......sigh....I'll let ya know


sososleepy - February 23

HLT1986, do NOT feel stupid or naïve! I had 2 kids a little over a decade ago and recently made it 9 weeks into a pg before mc. I’m back to ttc, but with a whole different att_tude following that nightmare, and I can’t believe how much I didn’t know! I’ve spent the last 27 days plowing through every fertility, pg, mc site on the web and am now charting bbt, checking cp, cm and so on. There are very few people I can discuss any of this with in person as well, and the forum here has helped me tremendously! If you look up bbt and ovulation there is a LOT of good information out there, but read enough to be able to sort what sounds rational from all the other stuff that’s mixed in with it. Yes, pg then is super slim. In order for the swimmers to live, you need good cm (the regular damp v____al moisture is too acidic for them) which tends to increase up to ovulation. It’s not a bad idea to chart your temps for a month or two (look up bbt) so you have a better idea of what your body is doing and when. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned checking everything – it’s fascinating! I feel like my own science experiment. It’s also helped to keep me distracted during this time.


HLT1986 - February 23

Thanks so much for the input and I am really sorry about the mc....In my head what is mean to be will be. God works in mysterious ways and every thing in life happens for a reason. That is how I was raised to think. I suppose if I am meant to get Preg in this situation then it will happen, but if not then it wont.....That may sound silly but it does help me rationalize everything that happens to me in life. Things may be tough, but with out tough times lift would be too easy for us and we would take it for granted. The best of luck to you on your TTC...There is plenty of baby dust sprinkled all over this website and I hope you catch some...I just have to be patient, relax and not worry about what is going on inside of me or it will just eat away....Thanks again


HLT1986 - February 25

I dont want this whole situation to eat away at me....But ofcourse it is. I wouldnt say I am stressing, but it is sitting in the back of my mind all the time. How likely is it for a woman to get preg from PreCum On or close to Ovulation????


anne_marie - February 25

i am kinda in your situation right now. i mean by wondering if i will find out i am pregnant. my bf and i had unprotected s_x and also did the 'pull out method'. and i the next day i started Oing. so i am waiting to see what will happen. so i would like to find out too how likely it is to get pregnant from prec_m and so close to ovulation.


HLT1986 - February 26

The only thing really to do is wait, not stress (that'll just make it worse)....I have until March 11 to wait...it feels like such a long time!


HLT1986 - March 11

Well I was told to update the ladies that helped me on this one..... AF was supposed to show today and didnt. I have had cramps for about 3 or 4 days on and off and I was sure she would show up but hasnt yet. I usually see her first thing in the morning on the 28th day....but she isnt here. Should I take a test FMU tomorrow or do it now?


DaBonkElsMe - March 11

I was just reading your story and wanted to jump in to let you know that stress delays ovulation. If you were under stress, from the break up and all that you and your bf were going through, you probably O'd late. That would mean your period will be late too. While it is certainly possible to get pregnant from prec_m, it is unlikely. My suggestion is to wait for a few days, with all those cramps you are having, you're period is probably on it's way. And BTW - i understand the "what will be, will be" mentallity, and i am sure it helps to think like that, BUT if you don't want to be pregnant, there are MANY ways to be responsible and prevent it from happening. I am not judging you, i have made plenty of bad choices in my life, but I just think people should take responsibility for the things they do, right or wrong. What will be, will be - that's true, but we make the choices that lead us in one direction or the other. OK - no more preaching, sorry, i am not trying to start a fight. i wish you luck!



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