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SmileyKylie - December 12

I'm not sure if i'm ovulating or not. I stopped taking my contraceptive pill on the 16th september and had withdrawl bleeding for a week after that. I then had no bleeding for all of October and finally had a period for 4 days from the 6th November. I have just finished my last period which lasted for 5 days from the 8th of December. That means my last cycle was 32 days. It was always around 28 days before I started taking the contraceptive pill. I didn't really notice much extra CM around 14 days before my last period. Is there a chance that I ovulated last month?


mjvdec01 - December 12

It is possible. Why not start using an ovulation kit? That way you would have a much better idea. Alot of people don't take proper advantage of the ovulation kit and miss the opportuntiy to get pregnant, or they wait for the test line to become really dark- it doesn't and they miss their window. Here is how to properly use the ovulation kit: Start using the kits on cycle day 10. You want to be testing twice a day- not with first morning urine. Test about three hours after you wake and then again around 4pm. That way if your LH surge starts in the afternoon, you won't miss it. Once you begin to see the test line come up, that is when you start trying. You continue to have s_x about every 24 hours until 2 days after the line begins to fade. This ensures that there is sperm there to potentially fertilize. Ofcourse, with optimum conditions there is still only about a 25% chance of conception. Don't let that discourage you though, for us this method worked both times. We have a daughter who will be three in February, and our son will be 5 months on the 17th. This is the method my OB recommended for us. With our daughter it worked the first cycle, and with our son it was the second. Good luck to you if you aren't already pregnant. Please let me know what happens.


SmileyKylie - December 16

Thanks for your advice 'mjvdec01'. I don't really want to use an ovulation kit until I am having trouble conceiving after trying for a while. We haven't really started trying yet but it would be good to know if I am ovulating or not because something could be wrong if i'm not ovulating.


mjvdec01 - December 16

If you aren't timing intercourse with ovulation, and you are "trying" on non-fertile days, then you could percieve that you are having trouble conceiving when you are actually very capable of getting pregnant. Get a kit and time it properly, that way you would know for sure if you are having a problem or not. I doesn't make sense to try for a baby on days you aren't fertile.


sunshine7610 - December 17

If you don't want to use the ovulation kit, why don't you try temping? You take your temperature every morning as SOON as you wake up before doing anything else (peeing, talking, whatever). And at the same time every morning. Plot it on a graph. Fertilityfriend.com is very good. Once you ovulate, your temps should be elevated for the second half of your cycle. Then when your period is about to come, you'll see your temp drop back down. It's a great tool to see if you are ovulating but its not good for determining when ovulation is about to occur. Then you can also determine if you had s_x at the right time that month to conceive. But you need a basal body thermometer. Not a regular one. Give it a try. Good luck!


SmileyKylie - December 17

Thanks for the advise ladies. I might try checking my CM this month and if that doesn't work then I will go on to the temping or ovulation kits. I noticed some fertile looking CM this morning which was unexpected as I am only on CD10! My last cycle was 32 days so I don't think I am ovulating yet.



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