Ovulation Right After Period

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Meghan - July 2

Hi again, I Ovulated right after my period which was on the 16th of june, and have been having some symptoms and just not feeling the same..I was just wondering when could I test and get an accurate result? thank you


Emma2 - July 2

I am very curious as to how you know for sure you O'ed right after your period? Is your cycle really short on average?


TOGIRL - July 2

HI megan i was just wondering how you know you ovulated so early did you temp or what . cause you can have a rise in temp right after you period but it is not ovulation you have to have at least three high temps to confirm ovulation (thanks to lin for that info)


Lin - July 3

I'm curious how you know as well. To answer your question - if you indeed ovulated then - wait about two weeks. The average woman has a 14 day luteal phase, though it can vary from about 10 days (less is considered too short to sustain a pregnancy) up to about 17 or so.


kaylas mom - July 3

people test at all different times but you should wait 2 weeks. that way you will know for sure


Meghan - July 3

I have an opk and I tested last month about 12-15 days after My period when women are suppose to ovulate but it didnt read anything. so I decided to try after my period and found out that I ovulate then. I guess every women is different. unless i just have a c___p opk....


Emma2 - July 3

If your cycle is between anywhere between 26-35 days It is very unlikely that you ovulate right after your period. Your luteal phase would be too long. How long is your cycle?


Saird - July 3

I was wondering this as well. My cycles have been all over the place and last month I had tons of EW CM right after AF, and then on CD21 started my AF again. Does that mean I ovulated right after my period?


kaylas mom - July 3

okay girls... i grabbed my calendar and was lokking at my past af and my cycle is only 27 days. which means that af was supposed to come today... i am officially late!!!!


Emma2 - July 4

Your cycle is in the average range therefore ovulation early is almost next to impossible. With a 27 day cycle youre more likely to Ovulate as early as day 12 and as late as day 16.



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