Ovulation Strips

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Lauren - March 19

Hey =) I was hoping someone could help. I have pcos, and as a result, the length of my cycle is irratic, so working out my OV date can be tricky. I think that's why my husband and I haven't conceived yet, and we're thinking of getting an ovulation predictor kit/strips. Does anybody know how reliable these things are, and if so, which would be the best brand/method to use? We're in the UK. Thank you very much x


Naomi M. - March 19

Lauren, I bought the strips online at early-pregnancy-tests.com, they were very cheap, came in 3 days. I used them starting 3/7, knowing that would be my fertile week. Neg that day, neg 3/8 (meaning the test line was there but not darker than control line) very pos on 3/9-test line darker than control line, slightly pos on 3/10. And my temps starting going up Sunday, 3/13. So, according to fertilityfriend.com, I ovulated on 3/12. I am due for af on 3/24/ or 3/27, so we'll see.. but I really liked the strips. They are reliable in showing your LH surge, which precedes ovulation by about 12-48 hours according to all my research. Good luck!


Paige - March 19

Lauren, I've been using the strips for 2 months already.. love them! I can feel it when I ovulate but this helps me prepare and start as soon as I get a positive..I buy the generic ones from the phamacy..


Kristina - March 19

I like www.testsforless.com


claire - March 20

Hi Lauren, I'm in the UK too and I bought mine from www.earlypregnancy.co.uk. I bought 20 for £12 - something like that I think. They are brilliant- I'd def recommmend them. Some months I would get O pains and some months i Wouldn't. Also I wasn't getting any telltale cm so it was hopeless. These strips were the solution. You get a positive and than means you're gonna O in the next 12-24 hours. Good luck!


stacey - March 20

I bought the kind you pee on (like a pregnancy test) and hope they work, but have heard alot lately about the kind you spit on. There is brand out there that costs $50, but they sau\y it is really good and if you're ovulating your spit will look like a fern leaf. One of my neighbors bought a similar one but hasn't started to use it yet. If these ones I bought don't work, I think I might invest in that one- seems easier to get up and spit in a cup rather than waiting around for hrs, like I am doing know, waiting to pee.



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