Ovulation Test Best Time To Pee

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alisara - October 9

Hi everyone! I have been on this message board a few times the past week and have a question regarding the ovulation tests. In the past I have always thought (just like with a pg test) that you should use first morning pee...so that is what I have done. Well, I just read (on this website actually) that for the ovulation tests you should test between 2 and 8pm...??? Has anyone found that the time of day matters? any feedback would be great...I don't want to be missing the boat every month as I have been peeing in the a.m. Thx...I appreciate any answers! :-)


keerthy - October 9

yes u r right... even i did read the something similar... u have to do ovulaton test just the opposite way of HPT....


alisara - October 9

Thanks keerthy! - jeeze, good thing I came across that! next month may have been a wash too! thx!


michelly4 - October 9

I did a OPK last month and I did it in the am thinking, like you, that it is like a HPT. Well i never got a + . Then I read where you are supposed to test in the afternoon. (Around the same time every day ) And so I did that this time around and got a definite positive. So do them in the afternoon and about the samt time every day !


alisara - October 9

Thank you michelly4 - I will make sure to do it in the afternoon this time. keeping my fingers crossed that this month will be my lucky one!


Shiva - October 9

Alisara- I used to check my ovulation in morning time only and I got everytime +positive even on my first stick. because I used to keep my Temp record and another thing You should not go for Pee and drink any liquid before 04hrs when you are checking. suppose you have gone to pee in morning 03am and you checked in 06am your OPK may be it will not give you pos+. So I will suggest you one thing think your cycle day is 28days and count back 12-16days and start using your OPK and even if you are not getting Pos you start bedding in these days. cause you will be definately ovulating in these days and you will your ovul + in these days. and try to control you Pee whole night that's what I did for 04 -05 days when I was testing my Ovul and I got my positive. and I got my BFP this month.Best of luck & Baby Juice!!!.


jamers - October 10

Does this go for using a fertility monitor as well? (more specifically, the clearblue easy fertility monitor) because I have been using my FIRST morning pee, because that's what the instructions say. Is the monitor different then just the regular sticks?


k. - October 10

Yeah, when I had them before, I took them around 5:00 when I got home from work...



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