Ovulation Tests

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jprice0903 - October 21

I bought an ovulation test the other day. I've never used one before. Does anyone know anyone that conceived from using one of them to detect ovulation? According to babyhopes.com I'm due to ovulate on the 29th, but I still wanted to use a test to double check. I just wanna know if this actually worked for anyone....


julepowers - October 22

Hi! I used Answer ovulation predictor dip sticks. What kind do you have? It says that you should test in the afternoon, once a day. But, I always tested twice a day. Once in the am and once in the pm. I got prego my first month using them, but unfortunately had a m/c. We're still trying again using them. Most of the time they are good since the line does get darker and you nkow your peak times. As for exact ovulation, I never know from the sticks since you can ovulate anywhere from 12-48 hours after your first positive. I just start BD as soon as I see the EWCM. Is this your first time trying? Good luck!! Baby dust to you!


julepowers - October 22

By the way, be careful with the babyhopes ovulation predictor on line. It kept saying that I was fertile at certain times and it was wrong. I ovluate a lot later than the typical person, so I was BD'ing at the wrong time! I've heard that the best way to cover all your bases is to count 18 days back from your next expected period date and BD everyday or every other day (depeding on DH's sperm count) and go until 10 day's before your next AF date. This should cover most potential ovulaton. Babyhopes only gives you 3 days.


jprice0903 - October 22

I got clearblue digital. A smiley face will appear when I test postive and then it means I will ovulate within 24-36hrs. It says on there that you can test anytime during the day, but first thing in the morning is best b/c you can't pee 4hrs before you use it. And, I am a frequent potty user :) I'm hoping that it works! I am gonna start using it on Thursday. It gives you 7 tests. This will be our 2nd mth. trying. We just got married in June. Last mth we kinda started trying a little late so I think thats why we missed it last mth. Sorry to hear about your miscarrage :( Baby dust to you this month too!


julepowers - October 22

Congratulations on your marriage! Good luck to you this month too. How much was the ClearBlue easy digital? It sounds like a lot better of a method than trying to decipher whether one line is darker than the other. Did you get it at the store or online? Thanks!


jprice0903 - October 23

thanks! It was $30 but it gives you 7 tests. I think it should be worth it!....I hope!


kay101 - October 23

Sure, I got pregnant our first month using them, I reccomended them to the other girls on my ttc thread, and two of them got pregnant their first month using them also.



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