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JenS - December 11

Hello ladies, (sigh) Do you think it's possible to ovulate twice in a cycle? I've been reading online from different sites that it is possible and then some articles say no way it's not possible for a women ovulate twice in a cycle. I'm confused. On cd 14 I got a +opk (we bd on the 14, 15, 16) and my temps are up on cd 19/20. (today) I just wanted to see so I took another opk and it looks like it's a +! (on cd19/20) So, I got a + on cd 14, a - on cd 16 and then another + on cd 19/20? I'm using FR opk. what's up with that??


kimb - December 11

I have heard that sometimes if you are under stress your body will "try" to ovulate and then doesn't, and later in your cycle it will try again. I know it is possible to release 2 eggs within 24hrs, but not that far apart in the same cycle. Hope that helps! Good luck for BFP!!! Also, I have heard that an OPK will be positive if you are pregnant.


Deb - December 11

When you say you got a positive opk, was the control line DARKER than the test line? An opk is not positive until that happens. In the days leading up to your LH surge, you will get a faint line that gets darker and then after your LH surge the line will go fainter again until it disappears. Could this be what happened, that you got a line and thought it was positive even though it wasn't darker than the test line? Kimb is right that an opk will be positive if you are pregnant, but it takes the same amount of time as an hpt to detect that, not 5 days.


JenS - December 11

HI. my test line was just has dark and maybe a bit darker on cd 14. on cd 16 ift was very faint. then on cd 19 it's back to the same colour as the control line with one side of the test line slightly darker. Strange. I haven't been under any other stress other then the day to day normal stuff. Yes, I thought about a + opk for preg. but it's only 5/6dpo. I'll test with opk today and see what happens. Also my temps are up. And have been up since cd 14.



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