Ovulation Twice In 1 Month

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ariel - March 18

Has anyone ever ovulted twice in one month? I ovulated on the 10 and 17. Is this normal


Kristina - March 18

How do you know that you ovulated twice? Are you using OPK?


Grandpa Viv - March 18

Yes indeed, how do you know? Some really weird hormone sequence would have to take place. Even with twins from opposite ovaries they say ovulations are within 24 hours.


dutchy - June 7

yes! not sure if normal, but i ovulated on day 12 and 17. detected by opk.


Jules - June 7

Yup - I believe this is entirely possible. A dear friend of mine apparently has this happen rather often! Confirmed by her doc and blood tests (and also about 5 days apart). Last year this happened and she fell preggers - triplets (I know, it sounds unbelievable) - two were identical (the egg split) and the third was from another egg. This is what she had told me. Due to a ma__sive asthma attack she unfortunately miscarried at about 11 weeks. But she's preggers again now (12 weeks) with one baby - and also after ovulating twice! They were tryna figure out whether the egg from the first or second O was fertilised, andlooking at her dates it seems it was the first one. Having had probs with O'ing even just once myself, I also battled to believe that it could happen twice - but my friend would not kid me on this one ;)


Sue - June 7

sometimes a pos. opk doesn't mean you have ovulated...you could have gotten ready to ovulate and then didn't for some reason. That explains why you ovulate again.


hi - June 7

I agree with Sue and Grandpa V. Ovulating twice would only happen within 24 hours. Else you'd be famous..And you probably had one surge, which didn't quite do the trick (i.e. the egg was not released and then your hormones surged again.)


jeannette - July 11

I believe I have..and have done so for the last 8 years...All symptoms after ovulation are there. Mine started with birth control and now after 5 years clean:0) of BC, I have 2x month..anyone else have this problem? Do you still?



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