Ovulation When Is The Egg Released

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casey - February 16

when would be the best time to have s_x during your ovulation time? i know the egg only "lives" for 12 - 24 hours, and i really don't want to miss out, so would having s_x on your actual ovulation day be best, or the day before?


Grandpa Viv - February 16

There is research suggesting that the day before is better. Good luck!


dorothy - May 7

the day before or two days before because the sperm can survive for two to three days waiting for the egg.


Erin - May 7

Why not do both? Try to increase your chances as much as possible.


Sue-Ellen - May 7

Casey, I agree with Erin. There are so many theories, you will never know exactly how it will happen for you! I've also read many times what Grandpa Viv is saying, so he's right, but I've also heard of so many women who had s_x on ovulation day or even 2 days after and they got pregnant! (sometimes you can even ovulate again 24 hours after the initial ov). All I can suggest is this: Have intercourse every day for the two days before you expect to have ovulation, and then have intercourse again on the day of ovulation and also on the day after ovulation. Therefore you have 4 tries in total. But I do hope you're using ovulation prediction tests, otherwise you will not be able to know when ov is expected. I use the urine ov tests and they start turning light pink for me about 3 days before ovulation, so I start bd'ing the next morning. They turn bright red the day just before ovulation so I bd up to 2 days after I had the red line. I do hope this works for you!!


Heather - May 7

Male sperm live in the body for up to 3 days. Female sperm live in the body for up to 5 days. Keep that in mind. :)


Sue-Ellen - May 7

Uhhh .... sorry you lost me there. What is female sperm??? Do you mean released eggs?


Becky - May 9

Sue-Ellen - Both eggs and sperm have chromosomes. All eggs carry an X chromosome, as such, every person has at least one X. Sperm either carry a Y Chromosome (male) or an X Chromosome (female), this is what determines the gender of the baby. It has been said that the "boy" (Y) sperm are faster, but die out quicker, and the "girl" (X) sperm are slower, but hardier/last longer. Of course, I'm not sure of any diffinitive proof of this. This is where the idea came from to start bding sooner if you want a girl, and closer to O day only if you want a boy. As far as I know it is just theory though.



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