Pain After Sex Please Help

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Gwen - August 31

Is pain during and after s_x common during pregnancy? I have cramps that last about 15 mins after...and during the act it feels almost as though it's going in too deep. Has anyone else experienced this? Please Help!


n - August 31

I have been experiencing the exact same thing the last month or so. It feels as if he is to deep inside and hitting stuff.... sorry tmi. My abdomen is then sore for a little while afterwards. I have no idea why this has all of a sudden started.


Jeana - August 31

I can feel when my husband is rubbing my cervix, but just recently, it's tilted it's self in there, and I don't know what to think of it. After orgasm (about 10 minutes later) it seems as though there is so much pressure and my muscles ache inside my abdomen. Plus, orgasms have been more intense, and lasting a lot longer. What should I make of this? Normal?


Gwen - August 31

n....have you been experiencing this only since your pregnancy began, or before also? I'm also really confused as to what caused it to all the sudden start to feel that way - it's like my cervix moved down a few inches or something. Jeana....I know what you mean about all the pressure and aching - is it in your lower stomach?


Jeana - August 31

It's between my hips. I have had two children by c-section and it's right above the scar. I don't even know if I am pregnant yet. I Ov'd on the 23rd so I'm still waiting to test. I can feel that my cervix is angeled differently and there seems to be a swollen? area just below my cervix...If I had to put money on it, I would say I am pregnant, and the rubbing on the cervical area is causing the uterus to have minor contractions (that's what it feels like to me) but I don't even know if that's possible this early...It happened in the third trimester with my last child, but it's not a normal thing. My husband and I have been trying for only on cycle, but I think it worked...I hope (fingers crossed)...what about you? Any other problems? Discomforts?


Gwen - August 31

I'm not sure if I'm pg yet either. I'm pretty confident that I am...but I'm afriad to test because I don't want to get a neg! I missed my last period though...I'm due to start my next one in a week. I've been having some brown discharge after urinating, and also feeling some mild period like cramps off and on for a few weeks. If the pain is caused by the cervix being hit up against - is it harmful for us or the baby? I just really want to make sure I don't do anything harmful.


To Gwen- - September 1

Your baby is protected by layesr of tissue and amniotic fluid. The fluid is there to make any b__ws to the stomach less traumatic to the baby. Having s_x can't hurt your baby, just stay away from bondage for the next 9 months ;o)


sarah - September 1

i experienced the same pain but wasnt pregnant.i went to hosp an had a laparoscopy because of the pains,they found some fluid by my ovary from some cysts that burst.i am now worried will the cysts come back an does this effect my chances of getting pregnant,im currently trying.


kim - September 1

Gwen, I dont mean to scare you, but painful s_x is a sign of endometriosis. If you have been trying to conceive for a while with no luck, I would consider getting checked by a DR. to rule this out.


n - September 1

i have not yet become pg that i know of. I had what i thought was af it was normal length but the color was different, much darker, it was never red, and after the first day i could have went all day with the same tampon. my appet_te has decreased a little, and lately if i dont go pee right when i need to i start feeling sick because the feeling of having to pee is soo bad. and my bladder hurts. but then when i actually go, its just like thats it!? lol i dunno, maybe im just getting a uti, i get those quit often. about the painful s_x, can a uti cause that, i would think it might.


e - September 1

That's a UTI-I get them quite a bit as well and that's exactly how they feel


tayla - September 1

Im not sure if Im pregnant yet b/c of negative HPTs but if I was Id be 5 weeks. For a coupld of weeks now though s_x has become uncomfortable. I feel tender inside, almost puffy...sign of pregnancy?


sarah - September 8

i am at the moment being tested for endometriosis,i get the results oct 4th.Have been trying for only a month to get pregnant.i spotted yesterday but havnt had a period yet how long should i wait before takeing a test?



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