Pain Below The Stomach Even After BFP

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Longingfor1 - January 20

Dear all.......I keep having this wierd pain in the area below my stomach, right in the middle. The pain comes and goes. I got my result positive of the HPT i took on thursday night and again on friday morning. I have a doctors appointment on Monday evening. I am just wondering if everythng is ok!! This is my first baby and i dont want to lose it by any means!


chrissievan - January 20

Hi Longingfor. I had something very similar right when I found out. I think it could be either extra gas or your body moving around and getting ready to accomodate a baby. I am 6 1/2 weeks now and I still get little twinges every now and then but am more relaxed about it.When you go into your doctors ask him. My doctor did an internal and checked the mucous (sp?) plug and said everything looked ok. I am now waiting till feb 19 for my ultrasound!! Good Luck and congratulations!!


sarahd - January 20

I got period-like cramping around the time of my bfp, and then all throughout the first trimester (and sometimes now at 21w) I got aches and pains. Generally it's nothing to be worried about unless it's severe or you start bleeding. Congrats!


angela1986 - January 20

ive also been having that, i thought it was period cramps because they really hurt and after my bfp i came to find out all it was, was gas. But as everyone else said if it gets worse or theres bleeding go to the drs.


BrendaW - January 20

when you are pregnant your uterus hardens and grows, This causes twinges pains and discomforts i guess it will vary from person to person as every ones bodies are different and there since of feeling is also different.


angelinakai - January 20

i'm having the same thing, and sometimes i even get these very sharp pains under my pubic bone, but i went to the ER and they did an ultrasound and blood test and everthing looks good. I am about 5.5 weeks


Longingfor1 - January 21

Thanks to all you nice ladies....u girls have really relaxed my nerves! I knew this wud be the right places to share my problem. Thanks to all of you once again. I wish you all a very happy and healthy baby :)



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