Pain In The Crotch Literally

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tritty - May 30

my last normal period was about 2 and a half months ago. last month only a little bit of spotting and this month i'm 2 weeks late ( i was on bcp's until about 5 weeks ago). i know that bcp's can give you pregnancy like symptoms and I HAVE A TON OF THEM. I'm tired all the time, nauseated, lotion-like discharge (with no odor), very sore swollen br___ts, constipation,etc. needless to say, over the past few days i've had this aching pain in my crotch. it's just a sharp pain that comes and goes.......... does anyone have any idea what this could be???? i've taken several hpt's and they're all bfn (expect i got a very faint bfp on one but i think it might be an evap line or i kept the test in the fmu too long) anyhow, any advice or ideas would be appreciated.


tritty - May 30

p.s. i'm pretty sure that it's not a yeast infection or uti. i was tested for both of those not too long ago and they were negative.... that's why i'm so confused.


tritty - May 30

now i know i can't be in this alone (or maybe i am) has anyone ever experienced this before?


Lin - May 30

Those are probably af cramps. I had some like that right before my period when I first quit the pill. It takes some women up to three months before they get a regular period after stopping the pill. You'll probably have every symptom in the book over the next few months.


nicksmmy - May 30

tritty..sometimes I get this right before my af. I have a couple of friends who say the same thing. you are not the only one. If you had a very faint positive, or think it might be test again with fmu and wait the whole time, dont look at the test after the time is up.


Twinsis78 - May 31

I've had pains like you are describing and it's no fun at all. I'm having pregnancy symptoms right now also but haven't taken a test. Who knows, maybe pain in the crotch is one of mine too.


tritty - May 31

well ladies, this morning i ate my breakfast and then i almost lost it..... it's not normal for me to be sick so this afternoon i finally gave in and tested again and i got another faint bfp, so i tested 3 more times with 3 different urine samples (a bit obsessive i know) and they all came back bfp. the thing is that the second line is very faint and so i'm still not convinced. not until i hear the doctor tell me it's for sure and i'm afraid to make a doctors appt for fear of being told i'm actually not pregnant..... i'm going to buy different types of tests and see what they say. if i get a bfp on a different type then i'll believe it. i'll keep you posted.


singlem0m - May 31

Well CONGRATS tritty! Sounds like you are very in tune to your body. Good for you!


Nell4Him - May 31

Well, my last pregnancy was like that. I tested and had a very faint second line. I'm talking I had to hold it up to the light so that it was shining through it like a kalidescope and only then I could tell that there was in fact a line there. I bought the $20/stick digital read out test and it said I was pregnant! The doctor confirmed it!!! Congratulations.. you're pregnant!



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