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Kylie - February 19

As some of you know that i am 2 weeks late and have not been on cdoms or anything for 3 months and hoping i am preg but i was wondering do you get pains in your tummy like periods coming or gas???


Serenna - February 19

Kylie: When i was rounding the week of my period i got what felt like period pain...I am 10.5 weeks and I still get them every once in awhile. Good luck. Hope that helps a little


Kylie - February 19

Thanks Serenna, that gives me hope thank you.


Kylie - February 19

did you have back pain too? sorry i just have to wait to see the Doc but thats not til Tuesday. thanks again


Kylie - February 19

Hi sorry but the pains have got worst i know i have really bad pain but should it be that bad with your periods and if you are preg?? please help me


Kylie - February 19

sorry said it wrong i have really bad period pain normal but should it be that bad if i am preg ?


Serenna - February 19

Yes i actually have really bad back pain...and my worst period pain felt like a pulsating pain in my ovary. Hope that helps a little


lyla - February 20

Today while coming from walmart, I had these major pains in my lower tummy area. If I was not pregnant, I would a__sume that I was strating a period. When I got home, I ran to the bathroom to check for bleeding...none at all. But it really scared me because Im only 7weeks. I looked it up in my (what to expect when expecting book) and it is very common, but it did give me a scare.


Kylie - February 20

Well i did a a test today and it was postive so if its right and i am i am about 7 weeks 2 fingers crossed for me please lol


Serenna - February 20

Congrats Kylie...and Good Luck!!


lyla - February 20

Congrats!!!! Im so happy for you and wish you a happy and healthy pregnacy!


Kylie - February 22

Thabks everyone and yes i was right i am 7 weeks preg and geting married in May, thanks for all your thoughts and help all the best to all of you guys too.


daniele - March 9

i am 3 months pregnant and i keep having really bad back pains and i had a misscarry two years in dec and i have a 20 months old daughter please help thanks


Audrey - March 9

Kylie- Congrats! Daniele- It's common to have back pain in pregnancy because as your front grows your centre of gravity shifts forward. It helps to take care of your posture, stand straight without slouching, and when you're sitting put pillows behind your back. Best wishes!


Kylie - March 21

Thanks Audrey. I am now 11 weeks and still going strong.



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