Painful Orgasims

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Keri - February 22

We have been ttc for a few months and the past 2 months i've been getting these pains near my left ovary during an orgasim. Does that mean anything? Could it be a cyst?


bump - February 23



b - February 23



Keri - February 23

Can someone please help me? I'm getting worried. It's not going to be any fun ttc if its painful.


g - February 23



please answer me - February 23



keri - February 23

Can you get pregnant if you have cysts on your ovaries?


stacey - February 23

Keri- when I was pregnant, I had the same thing. It would hurt on my left side when I would orgasm. I, unfortunately, lost the baby- so i only know about the pain in early pregnancy.


Keri - February 23

Now i'm really worried. I really thought i was pregnant and then i got my period. But my period wasnt' normal it was really heavy one day with a lot of clots and then really light the rest of the time. And now i'm worried that i was pregnant and i miscarried. I only have the pain when i have an orgasim. The rest of the time there is no pain.


Cutie - February 23

Keri, I was told I have an ovarian cyst, I too thought was preggo, but got menses with light blood and so many blood clots.... I think I miscaried too and also have a cyst, I dont know just waiting to find out. You can get preggo when cyst is present, but you sure need to see the doc.


Keri - February 24

I just called my Dr. because i'm starting to get the pains without an orgasm, and she told me to take a HPT. She said even though i had my period last week I can very well be pregnant. She said pinching feelings around your ovaries are a sign. I'm so scared to take the test. I want this so bad. I can't wait til my lunch break to go and buy a test.


stacey - February 24

Keri good luck! Let us know the outcome. Also, when buying a test, buy one that measures the smallest number of hormone. Look on: that'll explain what I mean.


Keri - February 24

The test was negative. I bought the Facts Plus test. Is that test any good?


stacey - February 24

thaty one is a low one- measures 40 miu's (lower the # the better- easier to find the pregnancy hormone).


Trixie - February 24

hi girls.. yes it is possible to get pregnant even when u have a cyst. a frnd of mine was getting treated for PCOs and in the third month of treatment she got preggy. also i remember reading a post on this forum .. which said tht someone discovered she was preggy when her doctor was performing an ultrasound on her to check the improvement on her cysts n ovaries.. so dont worry.. stay n luck


Keri - February 25

Oh thank you for putting my mind at ease. I just wish the test i took was postive. Trixie, did your friend have a normal pregnancy with the cysts?


kim - February 25

Keri, have you been ttc for a long time. One sign of endometriosis is painful orgasms. It can also be very difficult to become pregnant with this disease. You need to do some



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