Pains Amp Twitches

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Paula - March 3

Hey ladies I hope you are all doing fine today. I have a couple of questions, I am just so confused. Well I "O" on the 23,24,25,26,27 we did it everyday how do you think my chances are? My br___ts have been hurting just alittle, and I have been getting these little pinches down there, and my va___a (sorry) just hurts like on the right side and I have alittle of a backache. Also, one more thing (sorry again) what is bfp? Thank you! Paula


Lauren - March 3

Hi Paula, here's hoping you are well too. What day did you ovulate hun? If you BD'ed in the few days leading up to it, your chances of conceiving are pretty high! I think they say your most fertile day would be the day before you OV. Looks like you have it covered from every angle! Sore b___bs are a sign, especially if you don't get those before AF, or if they start much earlier than usual. Pinches are a common symptom described by women on this forum, so that's encouraging for you! If the feeling in your v____a is sort of like a "pulling" sensation, that's also another common ailment on this site when pregnant. So far, you have alot of the symptoms! The best time to test would be a week after a missed period. I wish you the very best of luck, baby dust in abundance to you hun! Oh, and BFP = Big Fat Positive. Hopefully something you'll be seeing soon! x


Paula - March 4

Lauren, Thank you Love for answering my post, I have read so many that I couldn't find mine! According to my ovulation calender, it said that my "O" days were on the days above. So we did the deed every day. I took a test and it came out neg. (couldnt wait!) I hope you are right. If I am this will be my 2nd child. I can't remember with the first, as I didn't know I was preg. for 2 1/2 months so I am not sure about everything. Thank you for the info. It is so much appreciated. Baby dust to you and to all of you Lovely women God Bless You!!!!!!!!!!!!


reddapple - March 4

I'm soooooooo glad I found this post. I thought I was crazy yesterday because I started feeling little pains, not hurtful but enough to make you think.. "what the heck".. (lol) in the same the same area. I haven't test positive yet but according to my LMP, I'm at 8 weeks. I have had all the "cla__sic" signs of pregnancy. This week I've been noticing that my face is breaking out. I'm scheduled for an ultrasound Monday morning to finally get some real answers... Thanks again for the post..



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