Pains Below Belly Buttton

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Patty - October 28

Hi, I was wondering if pains below the belly button and right above the feminine area are common? These are not period cramps, I do not cramp there but last night I had like tugging cramps there and then it moved to just one side. I have been having small other symptoms such as gassy and burping


colleen - October 31

If you are pregnant and are experiencing cramping then yes that is normal as i am as well, its just time to worry if u are spotting.


Jodie - October 31

I think I may be pregnant but to early to test. I have constant pain on each side of my lower pelvic area. It goes on and off. I skipped last months period and I got all negs. today I got another neg. I am expecting my preiod the 8th of November. Are the pain normal to get in early pregnancy and Is it to early to test if I conceived this month? Thanks!!


Jodie - October 31

Also I have all the symptoms. Could you get the symptoms before you get the positive. thanks...


may - November 1

just lately whilst i am having s_x with my boyfriend, i get this terrible sharp pain along the left side of my stomach, it happens when he pushes his p___s deep inside. i dont know what the pain is but is pain there common during pregnancy? i have to make him stop making love to me because it hurts that much. ohh and i also think that i have herrmoids, ive got lumps down there :( that bleed and itch, i know there common pregnancy signs. please respond and tell me that there are signs of pregnancy :) thanks!!!


may - November 7

can somebody please respond? are pain during s_x in pregnancy common?


Viv - November 7

May, click through the Pregnancy and S_x links to the left. Terrible sharp pains are not common. Ask your boyfriend to back off some. At some stage you may have stabbing pains not normally connected with intercourse as the muscles supporting the uterus stretch. Maybe he is provoking this? Ask your doctor at your next check-up.


stay - November 7

ok thanks alot viv, ill have a look



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