Pains Way Below The Belly Button

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idontwantstretchmarks - May 17

I have been having slight pains in my abdomen, but way below my belly button. They don't hurt so bad that I want to cry, its just annoying. This has been happening when I walk. When I sit, it feels better. What's up?? Anyone else experience that in the very beginning of pregnancy?


maddie - May 17

I am late for AF and also feel this pain whenever standing up. Almost like a muscle pull


............ - May 17

im experiencing that right now.


idontwantstretchmarks - May 17

Yeah, that is exactly how it feels! That is even what my husband said it was. But I have done nothing to explain that feeling nor have I ever had that feeling before. I hope others will post if they have had that same feeling and if it was a sign/sympton.


Mandy - May 17

Holy, that is exactly how I feel... and it hurts a little more with pressure... even when sitting I get them but very mild.. just barely noticable... I don't know if I am late for my period becuase I am irregular. My last period was 19th of April. What do you guys think I should do Or.. even think?.. I don't want to a__sume I am pregnant becuase that happens often and I take a test and it comes negative and get my period in the next few days.. but this feeling isn't the same as usual..


KB - May 17

Sounds like this post and my other post about cramps during 4th week are all similar. Sounds like a good sign we all might have good news!


Mary Ann - May 17

Hi, I am having pains in my lower abdoman too. They have been happening for a couple of days now. I have been pregnant before. 2 yrs ago. I remeber pains in my lower abdoman then. It was not too long after ovulation. I am getting the same pains again, so I am crossing my fingers and hoping I am pregnant.


kate - May 18

yeah i ahve been haing those pains also but i think they were due to the fact that i was ovulating---or could it be a cyst ???



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