Pap Smear And Pregnancy

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Lisa - April 3

Since there are changes in the cervix when you are pregnant, does it show up on a pap smear? Or do they only check for cancer?


lyn - April 4

i'd like to know about this too.


Carla - April 4

Me makes three. :-) I'd love to know the answer to this myself as I have a pap coming up this Friday and I think I'm pregnant. Especially since my pants aren't fitting around the waist and when I look at myself sideways in the mirror. Sheesh. I definitely look it. And I have two kids, so I know what my body looks like preggers.


Jenn - April 4

They should be able to tell you if you're pregnant depending on how far along you are; the cervix; the b___st, etc... If you're going for a pap why not get a blood test too?


jena - April 4

i agree - why not ask for a blood test too? they are great!


jessica - April 9

i would like to know the answer


Carrie - April 17

I was wondering this same thing. I can't take a blood test until the 21st but I have a pap on the 18th and if I am I was hoping they could tell me!!


louise - April 17

pap smears do not show up frogenancy. they show up cancers of the reproductive system and s_xually transmitted diseases (maybe some that arnt actually transmitted like thrush too) however, with a physical exam a doctor may be able to tell if your pregnant. but you would have to be quite far along i think. im not 100% certain of this but 99% sure


Melissa - April 17

I took a hpt (2 of them) and they were bft. Well, took a blood test and it was bfn. I had my pap already schedule and asked if he could tell if I was preggo. He told me that he could not tell my doing a pap, but could tell when he checks the uterus in the exam. He said my uterus was not soft so he did not think I was prego. Not sure how far along you are when you uterus gets soft, I have even tried to look it up, but can't find anything on it. If I was pregant, I would have only been like two weeks when I went so I am not sure if that is even far enough along to have a soft or even enlarged uterus, therefore, I did not take the pill that he gave me to "make me start" I do not think the cervix changes till you are in your last trimester. Not sure if I am right on this or not, but I think that is what they told me when I was preggo in the past.


Tara - June 27

do pap smears show pregnancy


JENN - June 27

When you get pregnant your cervix turns blue. This is caused by all the blood going to the uterus. I recently had a pap done. The doctors wanted to confirm whether I was pregnant or not. I had all the symptoms, but the urine and blood tests came back neg. You can ask them if the cervix is blue. I am unsure how many pregnancies have a blue cervix as a symptom, but the doctors were pretty confident in their decision of "Not Pregnant" based on the color of the cervix.



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