PAP Smears And Pelvic Exams

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Emma - March 29

I have had several pos pregnancy tests and went for my yearly today and didnt say anything about my tests, And the lady didnt say if I looked pregnant while she was doing my exam and my question is if I were 11 weeks would they be able to tell in my exam?????G.V if your around could you help me to


MandyD - March 29

You didn't say anything????? WHY?!


erica - March 29

Yes, they would. Are you sure you are pregnant.


Emma - March 29

well i have had BFP and BFN I wanted to see if they would be able to notice and if they did then i would know for sure....but the only thing she said was my uteris was enlarged but i dont know what that means anyway...she just said that then took her gloves off then told me i can get dresses now, the nurse came in and said I can go....I figured if she didnt tell me she thought I was then that means i am not .


erica - March 29

when she means your uterus is inlarge that's about the only thing that they can they you when youre pregnant. Go ger some blood work done. This time tell them that you think your are pregnant. When you get a positive it's positive.


Marge - March 29

Okay. Some info is missing. When was your last AF? Seems to me that if your uterus is enlarged, then you're probably pregnant, but you have to tell us your symptoms and how you're feeling.


L - March 29

It depends on the office procedure. You should have told them - they would have been able to tell you for sure even if you told them! The uterus enlarged means that it is bigger than usually felt in exams. Pregnancy will enlarge your uterus! It has to grow to make room for the baby! Call them back and ask for a blood test!


Lindsey - March 29

Emma, why didn't you tell them you got one pos and one neg?? They would've gotten blood work done and you would've known for sure instead of 'waiting' again. How late are you? My best advice is to call dr in the morning and let them know. An enlarged uterus is a pretty good sign. Which test did you take first, the neg or the pos?


Emma - March 29

I went to the Health Dept , they dont do blood work, And I have not had a period since Jan 3rd, Have had some spotting like a hour at a time but its only about once a week its so confusing


Going crazzy - March 29

I had a pap smear done and they didnt say anything to me does that mean I should just give up on the fact that I could still be preggo...I would be almost 12 weeks????



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