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rebecca - January 14

i recently started dating my boyfriend and the other day we were fooling around. there was no contact between his p__s and my va___a but at one point he was laying on top of me so it was kind of close. since then, about a week ago, my va___a has been really sore and dry and swollen. i feel like my br___ts have gotten bigger lately, but i think thats just a coincidence like i'm gaining weight or something. i tend to get really nervous and paranoid that i'm going to get pregnant even though there's not really any contact between our genitals because two years ago i had a large pregnancy scare. there might have been preejaculate on his p__s but i'm not really sure because we hadn't really been doing that much up until that point for him to ejaculate at all. i'm just really paranoid and won't get my period until the first of the month. should i be worried or am i just overthinking it?


e - January 14

highly unlikely


rebecca - January 14

i'm thinking that the soreness and whatnot has to do with me not being used to how he was touching me - there was a lot of rubbing that dried me out while we were fooling around and we did that three or four days in a row. i'm used to more gentle touching so maybe thats the reason i'm feeling discomfort now.


Elle - January 14

Yeah, very highly unlikely, if not impossible. Don't stress at all! Penetration is very important, those sperm are pretty lazy, they only like swimming, they refuse to fly! :-))


tara - January 14

I don't think you have anything to worry about for now about being pregnant. But if the way he touches you hurts, or makes you uncomfortable teach him how to touch you so you enjoy it. Guys don't know what they are doing most of the time so it's okay to tell him it hurts or is uncomfortable when he does it that way. Gently show him how you prefer it. Also, if you think you might become s_xually active with this guy in the near future think about birth control before hand and make sure he is always wearing a condom so that if your birthcontrol fails at least the condom will protect you. It's worth it to be safe so you don't have to go through the stress of thinking what if I'm pregnant.


rebecca - January 16

i woke up this morning feeling really sick. i had a late night last night and woke up around noon and i've been getting bad sleep lately, so i don't know if its all catching up with me but i can't help thinking that something else is wrong. help me stop going crazy!



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