Patch Or Pregnant PLEASE HELP

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Rose - April 8

ok, so I have been on the patch for probably atleast 5-6 months. I had major pregnancy symptoms the first two months, but it was nothing. But I haven't had problems since. I am due for my period next Wed. I have recently been experiencing nausea (kind of a lot), short of breath, and darker veins on my br___ts. Could I be pregnant or is it side effects of the patch again. I have been pregnant before and had very similar symptoms!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!


Rose - April 9

Could someone please Please help me. Has anyone been through this before or might have any knowledge on the subject!!!???


Rose - April 9

I have also had a little bit of discharge and frequent urination. (but that is sometimes normal for me) I am really looking for anyone's help at this point!!


Chila - Dallas, TX - April 9

Hi Rose. I once researched the Patch when I was considering the different contraceptive methods. I learned that there are multiple side effects of the Patch. They are: skin irritation/rash at site of Patch, irregular bleeding, fluid retention or raised blood pressure, nausea, headache, b___st tenderness, mood changes, menstrual cramps, and abdominal pain. As your body adjusts to the hormonal changes, you may or may not experience some of the side effects that are similar to pregnancy symptoms. I hope this helps. You could try a HPT to ease your mind.


Chila - April 9

Rose, I forgot to mention.. since you have shortness of breath.. it would be wise to notify your doctor.. since I remember that was one of the warning signs... If you experience, sever abdominal pains, chest pains or shortness of breath, sever headaches, eye problems (blurred vision), or sever leg or arm pain or numbness, definitely contact your Doctor!! Good luck hon!


Rose - April 9

Thank You for responding. I am thinking now that if I am not pregnant, I should maybe think about changing what I use thank you [email protected]



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