Patiently Waiting For Period But No Real Symptoms Of Preg

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Lisa - December 7

My cycle for 3-4 months now has been 28 days to almost the hour. Before that I was a ~30 day. But in October I was 2 days early. Oct 20. I attributed it to attending a home birth a few days before. But in Nov, I "started" on the 10th, six days early (and midday start also unusual). Light brown for 2 days. The only red blood was when I had s_x on 12th. Then the 13th nothing. This is very unusual for me..I have at least 6 day periods and they are usually light for the first couple hours after I noticed I started and then full blown heavy for the next 2-3 days, then lighting up and slowing back down to the brown. So, I took hpt on the 15th, neg , was not 1st pee. I waited to start actual period, I was cramping but nothing. So took 2nd hpt on the 19th-neg. I took another on the 27th-neg. not sure of dates but for a few days in there probably the week of the 15th I had to pee very often and a lot (I had to really go) and I was very hungry. I guess before I go any further my b/f and I did have 2 incidents that we did not use a condom, I know one of the dates was the 29th of oct and the 2nd was later but unsure of the date. Currently, I have no appet_te and nothing sounds good. Peeing is back to normal. Now I may also have a UTI which I plan on going to the doctor tomorrow about. Does anyone have any suggestions? I did not start today (I am projected to start anywhere from the 7th to the 14th) and I can’t tell if I am cramping or not. I say this b/c it maybe the UTI has advanced b/c I have very silent UTIs. I have cramping but it comes and goes. Usually, when I have pms cramping it’s a day before and continues to get worse. This has been off an on for ~4 days now? I am just waiting until after the 14th to do a hpt again. I’ll talk to the gp tomorrow and see what he says. If I don’t have symptoms or the only symptom is that I have is no appet_te and neg tests what else could be causing this? Could someone shed some light..please?



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