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LN030905 - February 9

i am starting to face the fact that my symptoms are "looking" like I may have PCOS and need to see a Dr in order to ovulate and get pregnant. Im not the type of woman to be a hypochondria and think that I have every disease or disorder out there. I just have a hunch that its the reason why I am not getting pregnant. I am just wondering what some of you with it have had to go through. I have looked online but cannot find answers to certain questions that I have. Can you get it at any point in your life...can you become pregnant on your own and then a few years later develop it and that prevent you from becoming pregnant again? Or is it something that you are born with? I am super scared and am feeling really down by the thought of it while I wait to get into the Dr. I guess Im just looking for some advice, symptoms, and stories that any of you with it have..thanks girls.


time4more - February 10

i am waiting for test results for PCOS... i have a three year old daughter that I conceived on the first try, so if I do have it, it wasn't affecting anything poorly back then.... BUT I do weigh more now....and my obgyn seemed to hint at the fact that having a pregnancy and skew your hormones....she did not say that having a kid could cause you to develop PCOS, but sorta hinted about it....not sure how to take that one....My symptoms right now are that I feel like when I was pregnant....sore b___bs on and off, a dab of nausea now and then...holy headaches batman... my periods went from 28 day clockwork to showing whenever it felt like it and just spotting.... i am still feeling ovulation cramping, but not 100% sure i'm actually ovulating.... just waiting on the test results! hope you are hanging in there!


KeiraYvette - February 10

LN030905 I have PCOS.. for me it started with no AF for a few months.. my doctor sent me for blood work to check hormone levels and did an internal U/S which showed heaps of cysts... when the blood work came back the levels weren't correct and they said it was PCOS. Im 26 and only just found out. I was on the pill for a long time and all was normal until I went off it.. then my AF just stopped... Gyno put me on Metformin which after about 4 months started working... The main symptoms i had was the lack of AF, inability to loose weight, skin flaps, high BP and skin problems.. Gyno also said its similar to type 2 diabetes and I now live as if i have that with a low gi diet.. e pregnancy part depends on whether your ovulating or not, if u are ovulating u can fall.. where after 8 months of no AF or O there was no chance in hell for me until I went on the Metformin... also ppl with PCOS also have a higher rate of MC to... Go find a good dr, a recommend a female gyno and ask them to take blood and check all your hormone levels and have an u/s,... the first dr i went to had no idea and kept sending me for pregnancy tests, so shop around for a good one...


LN030905 - February 10

Thanks girls..I do feel better now. I only have a few of t hose symptoms..but I saw somewhere that listed a ton of them, said if you have two chances are high that you could have it since PCOS is the most common type of fertility problem. Thanks for the help. A lady I work with has recommended her DR who helped her to get pregnant with her three daughters (two being twins). She took clomid. How long have you guys been ttc?


LN030905 - February 10

this is probably a silly question, but can a regular pap determine if there are cysts on the ovaries or not?


Jairia - February 10

I have been diagnosed with PCOS since about 3 months after my marriage (almost 3 years now). I've always known there was something off. I've never had regular periods. After the diagnosis from 1 doctor, I didn't want to believe it and switched doctors. Again...same diagnosis. I have had difficulty ovulating and becoming pregnant. I've since conceived and miscarried. I've heard it's possible to become pregnant naturally while having PCOS, but more often times than not, an intervention of some sort is required. I'm currently trying again while using Clomid and Glucophage per our infertility specialist. At times, it's tough knowing that I have PCOS. My doc. has shown me the cysts via ultrasound. At least we know the cause of our infertility. Now, it's a matter of finding the right treatment to achieve pregnancy and having patience as we go through the process. Hang in there.


Megs - February 10

Hey Lerin, it's a tough one to face the possibility... As you know I have PCOS but was recently dx in October. Dr. not convinced I have it as my b/w shows all "boarderline" and it just may have been "the day in my cycle..." so I'm going for a re-checkup in May hopefully. I would highly suggest the book, Taking Charge of your Fertility. It has been a HUGE help and I have learned a lot from it. Mostly, it is something tha tyou develop. Prior to BCPs I was clockwork. Not a problem. ON BCP for three and a half years and when I went off nothing was right again. (During that time I also gained a lot of weight which dr says is proably the culprit) So as my dr said to me, "loosing just 10% of your body weight would probably make a drastic difference" and that's what I'm doing. I too am trying my hardest to live by the low GI diet becuase it has been known to have the most success with PCOSers... :-) I would go and see a dr to put all your worries to rest, either way. It's a relief to know why you are experiencing what you are and to have a plan in action. I have read many success stories of people natrually concieving with PCOS and again many with those that need medical intervention. I guess just like every other fertility issue, it can go either way. :-) Keep me updated!!!!


KeiraYvette - February 11

LN030905 yeah there are heaps of side effects, tons.. I only have a few myself.. as Megs said it can sometimes be a weight issue but there are also ppl out there that dont have an issue with weight but still have pcos.. and the pap wont pick up on it (mine didnt( usually the U/S that picks up on the cysts and the blood work that supports it with the hormone inbalance.. LN030905 Ive been trying to concieve for about 8 months, but most of that I wasnt ovulating have only just started O again with the help of Metformin, exercise and low gi diet... LN030905 does your family have any history or it or of diabetes? found some ppl (including me) there is a family history too..


LN030905 - February 11

Hey Megs and Keira. I apprciate the responses. Megs..I am going to check out that book now..you have told me about it before, but I kinda thought that pregnancy would just happen on its own..lol. We are right in between insurances right now..dh started a new job the switch should be here soon within the next two weeks or so, and I have the name of a dr that a friend at work had recommended. I hope thats not what I hav.e.but at the same time..It would be nice knowing why it is that I havent achieved pregnancy over the past year. Keira..my gpa devoled diabetes in his late 70's..he hasnt had any serious problems with that yet thankfully. My great grandma had it, also. I have never heard of anyone in my family having PCOS. I am gong to go to the Dr and see what he says then do some family investiagating, I guess, depending on the turn out. Thanks for clearing up the pap/us question for me. I keep feeling like weight is the key issue for me. I have gained soooo much weight sicne I graduated..just under 100 lbs!!! I keep feeling like taht is my problem, and we are working on gettng healthier here. Where did you girls get all ur info on the GI diet? I was looking for a list of foods last night online but couldnt fine one. Thanks again girls..and I know that God will bless us all with beautiful children one way or another. :)



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