Pee Smelling Odd

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anon - February 25

my pee has been smelling different. its not exactly bad smelling, just strong. but the color is very faint. sorry if this is gross, but i was wondering if it had to do with hcg?


S- - February 25

are you on prenatal vitamins


Serenna - February 25

If indeed u are pregnant, it may not b ur pee that is emitting a stronger odor, it could b that ur nose is more sesitive to smells. Just a thought. Good luck. **~Baby Dust~**


La Rae - February 26

I have noticed that within the past few days, my pee has been smelling very odd, also. If I had to describe it, I'd say it smells like 'afterbirth'. The smell I had down there after I gave birth to my son. I have been taking prenatals since last October, and this is the first time I've noticed my urine smelling like this.....


Anna - February 26

Yes my pee to smells.... Diffrent and it is a more yellow color, could this be anything?


Laura - February 26

Mine is also a darker yellowish collor and smells more potent than normal. My husband also says that my breath smells different, and no amount of teeth brushing changes it. Anyone else with same experience?


Anna - February 26

my husband says i smell diffrent down there


SugarPie - February 26

Laura, if I didn't have such a bad memory right now.. I'd tell you the toothpaste that I use. My breath started feeling funky... nothing would change it. At first I thought it was post nasal drip, but I realized that I no longer had sinus problems (after more than likely conceiving.. this is always my preg. m.o.) that said, there's an Italian toothpaste that I would get from but there are a slew of other stores that sell it. It's about nine bucks a tube, but so fabby!!! It's called Marvis I do believe and I get the fruit punch flavour.In my line of work I would give it to all my clients and they absolutely love it!!! Your breath will feel very fresh.


Laura - February 26

Sugarpie, Did your breath get funky when you got pregnant? I really suspect that I am. Just waiting for AF and positive tests! That toothpaste sounds great- did it help your breath? Thanks so much!


SugarPie - February 26

Girl, aren't we all waiting for the + sign. That said, I battled chronic sinus infections (which make everything funky in general), but I remember getting pregnant and my sinus infection immediately clearing up and still feeling like my breath was funky. As the sinus infection cleared.. the mouth tasted gross. I have no idea what the breath smelled like, and when I started using the toothpaste, Mr. SugarPie would rave about how my breath was so delicious. My mouth for the most part still feels sour and tastes sour.. like old milk (even though you know it's fresh). That's the only way I can explain it. But to other people they totally can't tell and can only say that it smells fruity. Weird, huh?


Anna - February 26

yeah i know, like i will ask my friends if my breath smells bad and there like no!!! but i have a awful taste in my mouth


Laura - February 28

Hey Sugarpie, Thanks so much for the info. When you got pregnant, what were your symptoms? How long after did you test positive? Just curious! I am waiting for AF tomorrow, and in the meantime my b___bs are growing larger everyday, with more veins, and eeek!!!!! a stretch mark! Believing that + sign will show this week... Thanks again!



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