People Do Your Research Please

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Disgruntled - May 17

Seems like a lot of questions that are asked on this site could be answered by looking it up on the internet or in a book. I read a s_x book at 12 and know that I can't get pregnant from oral s_x. Come on people. If you aren't old enough to read, you probably aren't old enough to be having s_x.


Dont' understand you people! - May 17

Why do you care? just let people ask whatever they want, you can choose to ignore. This site is for SUPPORT!


I agree!! - May 17

I get tired of the same questions.


KEEKEE - May 17

Well, I find some of the questions funny. These days, I could use a good laugh. Hey, I love those silly question. But, i don't like bashing people and making them feel uncomfortable asking question. Don't forget ladies!! That was this forum is for. Not mean comments.(lol).........Baby Dust y'all!!!!


Leah - May 17

Maybe some people really don't know these things. Sometimes we can be paranoid about getting pregnant and we lose our rationality.


louise - May 17

when i was 13 i was told by my friend that a girl gave her boyfriend oral s_x and she got pregnant and had a baby growing in her intestines. now we all know how wrong that is. but i believed her at the time, i didnt know how ovulation works, and most people who are frightened of getting pregnant havent researched womens cycles etc as the women trying to concieve. so if they dont know something why can they not ask?


Kelley - May 17

Not to start a fight here but, i think i understand what this person is saying. If some women don't know how they could get pregnant then maybe they shouldn'tbe having s_x yet. I can see this as being a valid frustration. How many posts do we see about im 12 and pregnant or i don't want to keep this baby because i'm not ready to be a mom. I do get what they are saying here. Donot be so quick to jump on this person for stating an opinion.


to disgruntled - May 17

so if you feel that people should do their research and not post questions to this site, then what do we need the site for?? and what are you doing here if all the info you need is only a click away on the www? I have now read about several disgruntled women on here - and I don't get it... it is so easy to just leave the questions you feel are silly alone - why do you need to get so worked up about them??? I guess I got worked up about your question - but you are attacking the very excistance of this website.... this is a place where people can ask total strangers questions that they would not feel comfortable to ask elsewhere - you don't know the context of the oral s_x question - so a simple "no" would have worked. so please ladies - be kind and pa__sionate! peace and babydust to all.


Hazel - May 17

I understand why it is frustrating to have to read the same questions over and over again, especially when it seems like basic health cla__s to us. But it is important to remember that not everyone who comes on to this forum has access to the same education as others. People from all over the world use this forum and education standards, especially about reproductive health, vary widely throughout the world. I recently read a newspaper article that said something like 30% of people (adults, not teens) in the Phillipines have no idea how pregnancy occurs. While I agree that it is frustrating (and sometimes shocking) to read these questions that seem like basic knowledge, please try to realize that not everyone is able to access education or book about s_x and reproductive health.


wow - May 17

omg is it a full moon or something??? alot of ppl seem to be in a bad mood.. very easily annoyed I might add.. ( hmm maybe more pregnancies than you might think) anyway.. I totally agree with Hazel


hi - May 17

"we don't see things as they are, we see things as we are" Anais Nin. THink about this quote next time you are annoyned with a question. Good comments Hazel.


Davida - May 17

That last comment was uncalled for...We can have reasonable discussion without name calling and hostility. Can't we? It does seem sometimes like people don't take the time to read other posts that might help them before they ask their question yet again BUT it could be for any reason that they are asking it again. Although I must admit that sometimes if you ignore a question, people get irritated at that too! They keep bumping it until finally their feelings become hurt and they feel the need to post a nasty message about how their question was ignored and that the women here have no compa__sion! You can please some of the people as the old saying goes!


Chriss - May 17

This is simple, if you've read the question a hundred times before, then you should know the answer, but if you don't feel like answering it, no biggie move on to the next question. This is a discussion forum, all questions are supposed to be open for discussion, even if they've been asked a thousand times before, we all just have to be a bit more patient and understanding, everyone's situation is different, some don't know how ovulation happens and some don't even know what the reprocutions are of having unprotected s_x. This is a discussion forum, please skip over any questions that you don't want to answer or feel that you're wasting your time/intelligence on. No offense intended!!


Grandpa Viv - May 17

This site is what it is because those who post here are looking for someone with whom to share their fears or excitement. Others certainly do their own research or find an answer here without ever posting. What you see is what this gets. If you don't like the result, you don't have to come back. Good luck!


to hazel - May 17

There are plenty of uneducated Americans too.


vanessa - May 17

I have used this forum for a while now. But, since I've become pregnant I feel more sensitive to it and posts like this do not help me to feel better. I really have enjoyed this place but I'm not sure there is enough support here. I am scared about a lot of things and I too might ask a "dumb" question here and there... I don't want to wonder if I will be the next person told to f-off. Terrible. I hope that we can just IGNORE these kinds of people and continue to support each other through every stage of ttc and pregnancy. Sorry... I'm just emotional today I guess.


...... - May 17

i dont frickin get it! you ladies who find it neca__sary to use this forum as a place to b___h and complain is so asinign to me! just get over it already! there isnt a d__n thing you can do about other people posting questions that you feel are stupid. yes i agree it can be aggravating, but so are these posts that get a milion responses while valid questions are being left unanswered! grow up, and realize that anyone can ask whatever the hell they want, and in the long run are these little stupid insignificant qeustions going to effect you in an hour in a day...relax!!!!!!!! no wonder why so many of us are having a hard time ttc...look how frickin stress everyone is! good luck to all of you ttc, and congrats to those who have gotten a BFP.



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