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Frustrated - November 14

I know there are a lot of people here who are confused and don't know what is going on with their bodies...but please! How many times can we ask the same question over and over! If you are having symptoms take a test, wait until your period is late or go to the doctor! We cannot tell you if you are pregnant!! If you are not sure if your signs are real some of the other posts. These questions have been asked over and over again and answered as many times. Read the answers in the posts and look at other pregnancy web sites with this information. I know I sound like a witch, but I'm tired of seeing the same post over and over. I understand this whole thing can be scary, confusing and exciting (I'm living it too!) but can we try to minimize the amount of duplicate questions!? I'm sorry if I have upset...I'm sure I'm about to hear about it...c'est la vie!


go then - November 14

if you dont like it go somewhere else thats what this is here for if you dont like it dont read it . every one want answers and not every one has the same symptoms so every one wants an answer to their own question get over it and go somewhere else.


p - November 14

well....yeah- i guess we are all pretty desperate.....try being ttc for a long time and hoping for every little ache to turn into a pregnancy. i agree that there are alot of duplicate questions but it is OUR choice to respond and read them. so lets be adults !!!!!!!!


Frustrated - November 14

Thank you! I enjoy the people I meet here for the most part and I'm not going anywhere. I'm just saying that it gets to be a bit much. I see people post that they are upset nobody answers their questions...well that's because we have answered that question 10 times already! I think people here are so supportive and I try to be...but there is a breaking point...all I'm asking for is to take the time to see if your question has already been asked. If not...ask away...


ok - November 14

well im sorry you are both so self obsessed that you cant be bothered with people who are obviously just trying to get an answer and are scared and confused and young


to "Frustrated" - November 14

Ok, maybe it is frustrating reading the same questions all the time, but this is such a good way for people to vent their frustrations, to share their worries and concerns with people going through the same thing. It helps people, even if they know the question has been answered a million times before and, as p says, it;s our choice whether we respond or not. After all, you've had the chance to vent your frustrations and that's cool, isn't it? :) live and let live.


yeah - November 14

when i read these responses i got a little nauseous ... could i be pregnant?


ha - November 14

you never know !!!!!!!!!!!!


k - November 14

ohhhhhh---you must be pregnant if you are nauseous!!!!!!!!! how many people type this stuff just to let them hear what they want to hear and then become suicidal when they get that bfn---when so many people said---ohh yeah you are definetely pregnant !


s - November 14

dont forget the cramps !


P.S - November 14

You also can ignore the questions and not look at them. Yes, they can seem repedative, but at the same time you control your mouse.


m - November 14

I have to agree with Frustrated. I can't tell you how many times I've gone looking for posts that I am involved in and they've been bumped to the bottom by "I have a headache. Could I be pregnant?" and "Are headaches a sign of pregnancy?" and "My head hurts...could this be my BFP????" Why is it wrong to ask people not to continue to do this?


to frustrated... - November 14

uh, golly, gee why didn't I think of that? thanks , you are definately frustrated! hey, maybe that's a sign!


Stacey - November 14

I agree...I think people should look at the posts people have already started...chances are there'll be one thats exactly what you're looking for. if there isnt - then fine ask your question in a new post. what difference does it make if the post was started by you or someone else as long as the saame question is being asked?


to frustrated - November 14

yes u do sound like a witch you dont have to answer the questions,whats the big deal,some of these people are coming on to this site for the 1st time and that sort of comment would scare them off and make them think what sort of people are these that cant be bothered to answer my questions,yes they be dulicate sometimes but people may want personal answers if they r putting in their dates and such,i think that was a very hostile post,some people r new to this and if ur tired of reading the same posts skim over them its that simple ,what a horrible post that was to read,or maybe ur just fed up 2d.


Take it Easy - November 14

I don't understand what people are getting so upset about. There really are some inane questions on this board. It gets tiresome. If people would only take the time to read up on this stuff maybe we could avoid questions like "I have a pimple on my stomach...could I be pregnant?" I mean scares me that these people can't take some responsibility to research this stuff a little on their own. Our society is full of lazy people who can't take the initiative to take care of themselves and just expect others to do stuff and answer things for them. We are all here to support each other. My way of supporting is to suggest you take some initiative and stop being so lazy...


to take it easy - November 14

yes i agree that some postings are ridicolous but u dont have to answer them,some of them are just wind ips and any sensible person would ignore them and sift through to find the genuine posts,but most of them are not as u say to lazy to do their own research just confused and needing advice or maybe this isnt the signs of preg site maybe its the bugger off and do ur own reserch because i cant be bothered to answer u site,very unwelcoming to a newcomer,i understand ur frustration but why click on it,this is a silly post and not what the site is about or i dont know maybe it is ,its to easy for people to put silly posts in ,ignore them.



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