Perfect Father S Day Gift BFP

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Paula - May 18

Hello out theeeeeeeeeeere!! Am I all alooooone. I guess you get the point. Well, I am here planning for ovulation to occur around the Memorial Day holiday and not to mention my anniversary so dh and I will be very busy bding. I want to know is there anyone out there who is planning the events of baby making or is it just me so excited to begin. Charting, Temping, and OPK Testing, it is on. I am working on a positive BFP!!! Hello!!!!!??? Respond....... Baby Dust to us all wanting a BFP for a early Father's Day gift.


Krista - May 18

I am planning on bding around the holiday also, good luck to everyone and baby dust too!


Paula - May 18

Krista are you temping, charting, or opk testing? I know a cool website that is great. It is called the hormonal forecaster that uses symptothermal charting, calendar method, and lutuel phase method to calculate ovulation. My friend used it and she conceived the 1st month with the use of the system. It is free. You can download it at Baby Dust to ya!


FYI - May 18

Paula When I go on the website you suggested it brings up Tarot card stuff


bump - May 18

bumping it up!!!


Lindsey - May 18

Paula! Glad to find someone who also charts temps, opk's and etc! I finally got a + opk today so the bding party begins!! I O so late in my cycle! wow! i would have never thought that until I charted my temps. Boy have I learned alot! Keep me posted Paula!!


Paula - May 18

Lindsey, great job! Have fun and I am sending all the baby dust you can handle your way. Good luck keep me posted.


Lindsey - May 18

Thanks for the baby dust Paula! I need it!!! I'll keep you posted!!!!!!!! Good luck to you too and keep me updated!!!! ~~~~babydust~~~~~ (((((((StickyVibes))))))


Paula - May 19

Good Morning, I just want to let you know that I am thinking about all of you and wishing abundance of baby dust to all of you who are out there trying.


bump - May 19



Pattie - May 19

Trying to download that with no success. Everytime I click on download and tell it to either run or save, the files jumping to the file there appears a little red target and the loading meter never changes. Anxious to see what this is about. Please help


Paula - May 19

Hi Pattie, I choosed the run option and ran it from the system. When it came to the box that ask to setup.exe, I choosed that and installed it like any other program. Let me know if that helps.


Paula - May 19

Here is the direct link to download, I think you can just copy and put in the address window. Select your system and go. When it ask you to open, save, etc, choose open then chose setup.exe. to install. Hope it helps.


bump - May 19



bump - May 20

bumping it up.


Paula - May 20

Just thought I offer encouragement to all of you the next two weeks are valuable to our planning for BFP. Baby Dust and Good Luck to All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lindsey - May 20

Hi Paula..Well I'm now on cd27 and I believe I O'd yesterday so I will keep you posted on my temps tomorrow am..I'm hoping it was o and not a fluke, but i did have 2pos opk's on Wednesday! Keep me posted and good luck to you!



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