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Char - November 19

hi everyone, I am 38 years old, and I usually have normal periods, but this month a week after intercourse, I started feeling nauseous and light-headed/dizziness, tugging in my abdomin...I started my period, but this time it was different..blood w/clear mucous, then a little heavier bleeding and now I'm back to spotting. This has never happened before, and I am still feeling the nausea. I would appreciate some feedback. Thanks I just spoke to a friend who had a full period the first four months that she was pregnant with her twins and her aunt had a period the whole nine months. Is it too soon to test, I had to be disappointed.


Leah - November 19

Hi! Wow! I had the exact same thing so I'm wondering what the heck to think. I had a heavy flow the first day, but then it went to brown to red to clear mucous and now light pink, sorry so discriptive! But now it is basically gone and I still feel tugging. Plus my period only lasted three days, I don't know what to think, but if you read around on the forum it seems to happen quite often, strange isn't it??? Leah


A.V - November 19

Char, I'm on the same boat I started on the 17 very light, yesterday the same, and today I had some dark red almost brown, since I woke up,this is not usual for me I usually am very heavy the first two days I have to wear overnights, sorry tmi, but this is so different I'm waiting for my pregnancy test to arrive in the mail, they are said to be very sensitive to detect pregnancy, I'd say to take a test in like a week or so cause maybe you do not produce enough of the pregnancy hormone to stop your period. Hope it helps


Lynn - November 19

A.V. what pregnancy test did you order? Just curious, b/c I'm in the same boat as yall. I just dont want to find out months later that I'm pregnant, I wnat to know right now!


A.V. - November 19

I know isn't it funny how us women are so impatient and we just gotta know, my husband thinks I'm crazy cause everyday for the past three days I'm like did I get anything in the mail! Well I ordered the one's on this site I'm expecting them anyday now. I'll keep you posted as to the result I get. fingers xxx


Lindie - November 19

I have been getting the nausea,b___bs heavy,tired out etc, my period was due today but never came, i done one of those first responce preg tests but it was negative and now i have very light brownish spotting, i feel so gutted, i really thought this was it as i really do feel pregnant....i never lost a thing with my boys thats what makes me think it's almost over for me this month..sorry to whinge but i needed to tell someone. I have my fingers crossed for everyone here X


mummy of two?? - November 19

Any positive results yet ladies? I am in the same boat, negative results but a very weird "period". I started spotting brown blood 2 days early (before period was due) but it was only when. wiped, no need to wear a pad. I then had 2 days of almost pink blood but only when wiped - smears. It is now 11 days since my "period" and I am still getting neg results. My periods normally last 4 days and are medium flow - who knows? I'm just hoping for those two little lines on the preg test. Wishing you all the best with your results.


Lindie - November 20

Oh well i'm out.... Woke up this morning in terrible pain and the dreaded period reared his ugly head, i'll be back next month but hopefully with better news, for all of you still in the game BEST OF LUCK!!! if not we'll chat soon, hey we are in this together, Take care bye bye


Char - November 20

Hi everyone, thanks for all the replies. This morning the spotting has almost completely stopped. I am not used to a 2-3 day period, it's usually 4-5 and very heavy on the second day, which it was not this time. I took a test that I knew was going to come out negative and it did. Now I think I am just have a weird period. I can't explain the headaches, dizziness, and nausea though...Maybe it was all in my head. I have been wanting a baby my entire 20 year marriage, but my husband refuses to get help. I thought this was it because of all the weird things my body was doing. Anyway, thanks for all the support.


Char - November 21

Well, this is the strangest period I have every had...been spotting for four days, it's less that half of what my normal period is and I have been so dizzy, I even slept all most all of yesterday, and I feel like I have activity(for lack of a better word, because it doesn't hurt) under and to the right of my belly b___ton. Any ideas?



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