Period Brown Mucous Pregnant Grandpa Viv Anyone Had Same

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Anonymous - February 22

I have been having the following symptoms-nausea-which has led to vomitting a few times, frequent urination, regular headaches which I didn't suffer from before, area below belly button seem bloated sometimes feels hard and then sometimes I think its just all in my imagination, sudden outbreak of spots when i usual have really good skin, "butterflies" in my stomach, and backache in lower back. Jan 21st had what thought was period which I then thought could have been implantation bleed because lasted less than a day (my usual period is 3-4 days and quite heavy). I was sure I was pregnant now on Sat 19th there was some blood when i wiped with brown and mucous in it, this occurred again a couple of times over weekend and then last night there was this again but it lasted for a few hours and has now stopped again. Was this my period or could i still be pregnant? Feel like I am going mad! Your help is much appreciated!!


girlyQ - February 22

ive never had that but one off my coworkers did. she said she was having something like a period that was very light and off again/on again for some days sure enough she now has a 2.5 month old baby girl. so u just my be preggos


Anonymous - February 22

So maybe I am, Its so confusing and when this period, spotting, discharge or watever you would call it started I thought i must have imagined or overreacted about other symptoms! We are not ttc but already have a 4yr old and would be very happy to have an addition to family. Does anyone know if I was to take a hpt now would it be too early or would a +tive show if I was? Like I said before feel like I am going mad! Congratualtions to your friend girlyQ


Anonymous - February 22

I forgot to mention in my symptoms that i had a white discharge nearly everyday for last 2 or 3 weeks, i have noticed blue veins everywhere which i never noticed before and have a new set of stretch marks on either side of lower abdomen which were very red and itchy when they first appeared.


girlyQ - February 22

if ur period is already late then go ahead and test. use one of the more sensitive tests that says u can test early. if its neg and u still fell preg wait a while then test again or go see a doc. keep me posted on what happens!


chriss - February 22

it sounds like you have all of the signs. You should take a home pregnancy test!


girlyQ - February 23

were u on any type of birth control lately. i was talking to the girl i was telling you about and she said she was on some sort of birth control patch (??) i dont know what its called but i guess its like birth control u stick on your skin. that may be a reason u get your period or some bleeding when you are really pregnant. any ways, did you ever take a hpt, if so positive or negative?


Anonymous - February 24

Hi, I have a coil fitted (iud) but when I started thiunking I might be preganat i checked coil and it fels like it has moved-i don't even know if thats possible! I haven't taken a hpt yet but think i will in next couple of days as stomach feels really hard and bloated at mo. I keep chickening out of doing one, think I am nervous to find out. I have heard htat the patch can cause spotting when you are really pregnant. Will let you know result when i have taken test. Thanks for your help so far and replies!


Anonymous - February 24

Just to add to the list i am experiencing another weird symptom. When I am hungry I always snack on slices of bread and b___ter, i've been known to go through a loaf in a day lol but suddenly the thought of it makes me heave and our bread has developed this horrible smell that only i can smell!!!! If i'm not pg I dunno what my body is doing!


Anonymous - February 25

I have never been made to feel as stupid as i feel now. Just come back from doctors appointment which was complete waste of time. -tive test result , doesn't know whats wrong with me got to re book for a months time. Didn't even listen to my symptoms before cutting me off mid sentence. I started thinking how nice it would be to have another baby when I thought i could be pg, i am so disappointed now i can't help but cry. Will keep posted on wat happens because if i get a diagnosis at all it will probably be uselful to some people to hear what else can have all these symptoms. Why can docotrs not be a little more sympatehtic towards our feelings, if doctors listened more maybe less people would be clogging up hospital beds with serious illnesses that could have been dealt wth if diagnosed earlier. Rant over, thanks for listening!


candy - February 25

sorry about your experience, some people can be so insensitive. i cried too when i got my negative test result. even though i hadn't really been planning/trying to get preg this month, i was still kinda excited when i thought i might be so i totally know how you feel, but hey, there's always next month huh? good luck to you!


Grandpa Viv - February 25

You give a strong list of signs. Nausea, urination, headaches, bloating, acne, backache, two unusual periods, discharge, veins, stretch marks, smell sensitivity, food sensitivity. No question something has changed in your bod, what we have to find out is if it is pg. or something else - can a cyst give all these signs? The doc must have done a urine test to get the answer so quickly. There are enough women who go past 8 weeks without +ive urine that with your signs a blood test would have been better, preferably a quant_tative blood test which takes several days to get back. If you are enough upset about this and money is not a problem, you could call back to the office and ask for him to order a quant_tative - you go to the lab and they take the sample. Good luck! Next time you go to the doc, give the nurse a list of your signs so he can look them over before coming into the consulting room.


Anonymous - February 28

I was really depressed after visit to the doctors but no matter how hard i try to forget it i still feel pg, but now i feel silly because of the -tive result, you are right that it was only a urine test so maybe i should ask for futher test but i am not sure i want to go through the disappointment and feeling stupid again. I have another appointment booked for the week after my next period would be due so i will just have to see what happens between now and then.


shaz - February 28

hi,i know just how you feel! im having same experience and still no "normal"period since nov 24th! just a light wierd one 21st jan. and im 1 week late for this months. its so hard to accept im not pregnant but tests are negative. i really hope you get pregnant soon or already are!


jaz - March 7

i have been exactly the same. i have the copper coil. i have brownish blackish discharge/blood. i was put on antibiotics but it didn't help and i have a swab but noting showed. i have this stuff at least 3 times a day and i'm about 2 weeks late on my period. i don't feel preganat at all but i was really ill 1 and a half weeks ago and i just got rushed into A&E with a allergic reaction to crab sticks a food i have always eaten before. Not sure what to do now. about 4 years ago i had to have a cone biopsey as i had erosion of the cervix which matches these symptoms maybe you should ask for a camera up your funny bits to be safe.



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