Period Date For Febuary

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Configee - February 18

My last period started on 23rd january and l want to know when the month of febuary will start. And l also want to know if l have 28days or 26days menstral cycle.


Kylie - February 18

It is usually 28 day but everyone is different i know i am 30 days. I wait til 30 days and if nothings happens like it hasn't for me this time, i made an appointment with my Doc but thats what i do.


J - February 18

Hi Configee, My last period was also on the 23rd Jan but I am on a 32 day cycle and af is due next on the 24th Feb. I have had some slight spotting on the 15th Feb, hoping its implantation bleeding but could also be mid cycle spotting. Are you ttc or just trying to work out your cycle?


Kate - February 18

Hi Configee, my last period also started on 23rd January so on an average 31day cycle I am due to have my next one around 23rd February. I have not noticed any implantation bleeding but what I have experienced over the last two weeks is not normal for me at this time. My bbs seem really heavy and swollen and my nipples have also inlarged and look swollen most of the time. I am having some strange sensations and pinching feelings and a very swollen stomach (it's usually flat as a pancake!). Does anyone know if it's possible to show these symptoms soon soon if you are pregnant?


jb - February 18

mine was also on jan.23rd and im 27 or 28 day cycle.supposed to start AF on saturday the 19th,,,hoping i dont !!!!


LALA - February 18

I know i am 28 days cycle, my last period was Jan 21, it's been 2 day late i am still waiting.


Kim - February 18

Mine was also on Jan. 23rd but it was almost two days early in what normally would be a 29 day cycle. And so I think that I am due around Feb. 21st or 22nd - I ovulated on the 8th. Fingers crossed.


Traci - February 18

As everyone else has said, everyones cycle is different :) Im on a 29 day cycle, with my last period on the 22nd of Jan.. so AF should start tomorrow.. hopefully it doesnt. Ive had alil spotting and brown discharge a couple days ago.. but nothing since then. If i dont get AF within the next 2 days.. will prolly make a dr appt :)



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