Period Due 10 20 No Show Just Got Off Bcp And Been Ttcing

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Cat - October 28

I am a little concerned that I have not had my peorid yet and the pg test shows -. My last period was 9/22 and 28 day cycle shows period should come 10/20. I had spotting for five days from 10/8-13. Had symptoms of preg constipation, headaches (rarely have those), feeling sickish. I don't now if this is from pill withdrawls, I had regular periods before I took the pill. I am hoping depo has not screwed with my body before the pill. I was on depo for nine months ending 22 months ago and used bcp since then. I had my periods regularly ever since starting bcp. If any of you have been on the same boat please chat so I can be reasurred that this is normal. Or, if you have any advise, I would love to hear from you. Thank you.


kristina - October 28

cat - i'm not in entirely the same boat but i'm off the pill now for 2 months and both times, my cylcles was 36 or 37 days. also, when af does show up, it's not as long or heavy as it was with bcp. not sure if that helps or not. but i am ovulating normally so that good ! good luck and baby dust !


kristina - October 28

thank you. how long were you on bcp, I was on for 20 months, prior to that I was on depo for 9 months (three shots)


Jen - October 28

I went of the patch in april and my periods never returned to normal. My doc said it could take 3-4 moths to get cycles back on track my never did and I am now on CLomid


jen - October 28

Good luck to you, this bc really screws all of us up. I wish I would have researched bcp and depo before I took it.


Melissa - October 28

I hear you Cat. I was on the bcp for 12 years because of really bad cramps and irregular periods (I was 15). Now that I'm ttc, I'm so worried I screwed my body up. My doctors have a__sured me every year at my anual check up that there is no need to fear, but I can't help but worry. I'm really hoping for my bfp. This is my 3rd month ttc :)


kristina - October 28

cat - i was on bcp for about 7 or 8 years. i had super irregular periods in college (would go months without one) so i thought my cycles would really be screwed up off the pill again, but i've been consistently 36/37 day cycles. not sure what this cycle will bring, but so far so good. don't give up hope ! it just might take some time to regulate. i've heard that depo takes a bit longer. my doc said the same thing...not too worry about ttc once off of it. for me it seems like i'm more regulated now b/c of bcp. who knows ??? this will only be first month ttc, so i might be singing a different tune in a few months.hee hee. good luck !


cat - October 28

Melissa, good luck to you. I've never had an irregualr period and it is my first month ttc so I'm a little bit edgy. I need to wait for my cycles to become regular again. (back of my mind I am worried about the depo, but been off of it for 22 months) I'm just impatient I guess. Kristina thank you for you posting, It would be a 37 day cycle for me today if I start today. I feel a little better knowing your cycles are longer than 28 days. Good luck to both of you.


Dawn - October 28

Cat, I was on the pill for 5 years and I had pretty regular (not perfect) pds before the pill and of course on the pill I had a 28 day cycle. In August, I finished up my pill pack and never got my period, so we thought I was preggers....not so, I had to take provera to make me get a period and now we decided we are ttc...I am actually due for a period around now, My LMP was 9-28, but that was Provera induced, so I am hoping that I am ovulating..I don't know..Are you ttc??



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