Period Due 11th Need A Wait Buddy

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miamia06 - March 6

Hi Ladies!!! I have a some problems. I have been non-stop reading on this site and I have learn some interesting things. My last period was Feb. 11, which it was three days early. It was three days (shorter than usual) and it was (excuse me) dark brown blood. I didn't think much of it to this past weekend. I have not even one cramp..I was very surprise, because sometimes I would have cramps so bad until I have to stay in bed all day. I've been having symptoms, such as nausea, leg cramps, tingling pains between where my pelvic and thigh meet, lower back pains, fatigue, and pains on my left (down u know where). I was thinking since I did the bd when I was Feb 26. that I might be preg. But I am not sure if I have been pregnant all along. So I am goin to wait to see if my friend comes on this sat (11th)?? So if any one want to be my wait buddy or have advice feel free. **Baby dust to all and many blessings**


twotimesthecharm - March 6

Hi Miamia06, how are you doing? Well I am due for af on the 03/16 about 5 days after you but I would like to wait with you. My LMP was 02/16 which was normal and I believe I ovulated on 02/27-28. I am now about 5-7 DPO and hoping that this is the month for a BFP. I am not temping this month since I just came back home from Trinidad, so all I was using was my CBFM very sparingly. I have been having some weird pains down below, so I hope that this difference means something +. I have been TTC since 03/2003. I have had 3 m/c since then, 3 all together. I am 36y with a DD who will be 10y next month. I am hoping that we can get a BFP this cycle. I would like to give my DH some very special news on his birthday 03/22. What's your story? How long have been TTC?


miamia06 - March 6

Well, wasn't ttc for too long. So this is a very suprise to have this going on. I don't know why I was thinking I couldn't have any one has told me other wise. This will be my first if I get a BFD! So I can't wait to see what happens!!!


miamia06 - March 6

Sorry, BFP!! Fingers slipped


aubrey - March 6

hi miamia06! im due for af on the 3/14. my lmp was 02/12. I am now 6 dpo. This is my first too if a get a bfp this month! Do you have any symptoms now? Baby dust to all!


miamia06 - March 6

At this moment, by legs are cramping and I have sharp pains in my b___st. Feeling fatigue...but I am not sure what's goin on! Baby dust to you!!! Do you have any bloating, because I had it severly a couple of days ago..


aubrey - March 6

Hi miamia06, havent experience that but every night since 3/2 i had stomache/heartburn? and some heaviness on my pelvic side. I also have a very sharp pain on my left side last 2/28 and 3/2. dont know if these are preg symptoms. THanks!


El - March 6

Hi miamia06, replying to your first post. I'm exactly the same! Bleed on 11 Feb..very light only lasted a couple of days...quite dark...unusual for me. I've had pretty much all the symptons you mention and I'm also due on the 11th March. Let me know how you go...


miamia06 - March 6

hey el! Let me know how things goin with u and I will do the same..good luck *baby dust*! Everyone keep up the threads! Any one has cm?


miamia06 - March 6

My bloating has come back tonight.


aubrey - March 6

Hi! Just want to share that I found a yellowish cm tonight. Is this a good sign??? Thanks!


miamia06 - March 7

That sounds like a good sign aubrey!!!!


twotimesthecharm - March 7

Hi everyone. Miamia06 where are your leg cramps. I have only cramps in the calf of one leg that is starting to get sore today. I do have a feeling that feels like my whole uterus is going to fall out. I am cramping a little but only in the v____a area (tmi). I never had that before that has lasted this long. My friend is now 16 weeks preggo and she said she had that feeling a week before she got her BFP. I really hope that it means the same. As far as for my cm it's cloudy, milky like.


Hopeful Mommy - March 7

Goodmorning girls, well Im due for AF on the 10th or 11th of this month too. We've been TTC for 8 months now. Im on CD 26. I have no real symptoms of pregnancy, only for the past few days Ive had aches down my right leg, which I think is really weird. Anyone know what this could be? And im tired. thats all


miamia06 - March 8

Hi Ladies!!Sorry I got here sooo late..well..twotimesthecharm, i have cramps in my left thigh and also so pains running in my tail bone. I am back bloated again and my lower back aches come and goes. I am just anxious for this sat to come!!! Baby dust to all!! And also I have a taste now and then of blood in my mouth.(sorry for tmi) It's crazy!! Baby dust to all!!!


calista - March 8

Ooo, blood in the mouth? Are your gums bleeding? I read that the metallic taste in the mouth (which is similar to the taste of blood) is a sign of pregnancy. I bet you have lots of symptoms miamia!


Hopeful Mommy - March 8

miamia06, you have cramps in your leg too. Mine are in my right leg. like an achyness, what do you think this could be from?



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