Period Due 5th March Buddies Join Please

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debon - March 6

My period was due yesterday and I would like similar ladies to join this forum. We can talk about our experiences and feelings. Thanks for joining.x


nicola1705 - March 6

Hi debon my period is due on sunday how long have you been ttc ,do you think you are pregnant this month have you had any symptoms?


joannie - March 6

Hello ladies my af was due march 3rd. Yet I'm not sure I should test yet. I think I will wait another week just to be sure. I dont want to get my hopes up just yet. My cycles range from 16-35 days so it could just be another long cycle.


heart_nurse - March 6

Mine is due march 7 (tomorow). I felt some symptoms last week but nothing now but insane indigestion/bloating, nipple tenderness and fatigue. Could be PMS.... :-(


joannie - March 6

I had nausea and dizziness last week-end then just nausea today, yet i am still a little scared to test and get BFN yet again. I did test last wed. but it may have been to early. no more testing for me until next mon.


joannie - March 6

O' yea, I forgot, i have been extra tired also, i took a three hour nap on thur which I never do.


Kira_lynn - March 6

Hi. Im still waiting for my period to come back. I had a m/c on Feb.5th. Which made it difficult cause sometimes ur period comes very soon after a m/c. I should have gotten it yesterday as well but my bodys still a little mixed up. The reason im posting is because of my sore b___sts, nausea and complete food aversions (aka first pregnancy). It is possible that im prego again. I was hoping to wait until after the wedding this time. (april 27th 2007).


joannie - March 6

you never know it could be possible. if its your first and you indeed are. you probably wont be showing by the end of april that would make you about 12 weeks. it would be a good time to share the news.


joannie - March 6

I was planning to have a wedding in oct but if I am preggo then I dont think that would be a good time for me. I would be 8 months and very uncomfortable in a tight dress.


AshleyB - March 6

Hi ladies, My af was due yesterday too, but it showed up right on time:( I had a m/c and d&c at 11wks on Dec 30th and this was my second period since. We was trying last month, but no luck. So we're going to keep at it. Dh and I got married last September and we got pg in November our first month trying! so we're praying it happens that easy again soon. My cycles seem to have gone right back to 28days. So cd2 for me today. Good luck to you guys who haven't gotten af yet!! Hopefully we'll have a lucky thread here!


debon - March 7

My AF arrived yesterday. But I'm very positive about this month coming. Not so keen on a December baby - close to Christmas. But I wouldn't complain!!! Good luck everyone.xxxxx


Amber #2 - March 7

Hi ladies! I'm ovulating today so I will be BD'ing tonight, which is also my birthday! I turn 26 today. Anyways, I'm really excited and hopeful that I will get PG this time. It's almost like I wish I could fast forward until tonight and then until 2 weeks from now. I hate all of the waiting that comes along with TTC. It's like after your period, you wait to ovulate, and then after you ovulate, you wait for your period (really, it's more like the absence of). Well, I'm just going to try to relax because this will really be our first time TTC since I had my miscarriage in July '05. Oh by the way, I already have a 4 year old little boy. So I know it's possible to get pregnant, just don't know if it will be possible to keep the pregnancy! dust to all!!!!!


heart_nurse - March 7

Best of luck to you this month debon.


joannie - March 7

sorry to hear af arrived debon. still nothing for me. cd32 and no sighns of it. I have had alot of extra cm though. really thin and lotiony. Dont know if that means anything.~~~***~~~Baby dust to all!



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