Period Irregular Stomach Is Growing Vomiting Neg Test

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AliCEA11 - November 9

My period has always been regular always!! Never irregular never ever ever changes. I recently found out that i have a tilted uteris. It has effected me alot cause im thinking that i am not able to have kids but the doctor gave me a papsmere to tell whether it was t_tled or not. She did not give me a ultrasound. So back to now ok my period has been irregular for the past 3 months(last 3 periods) Everytime it comes it comes 1 week earlier than last times period its very very light and the last period i spotted brownish pinkish blood before it actually started. Im soooo confused its driving me crazy. Im having all the signs of pregnancy. Vomiting everything i eat, severly nauseous atleast 10 times a day, sleeping alll the time i feel so drained, i look 3 months pregnant and my stomach has hardened, my br___t are HUGE and my areols(probally misspelled) have gotten darker and huge! But to make it all bad ive had 5 NEGATIVE HPT!! I have not took a blood test cause i really dont wanna waste my time cause this is soooo frustrating! Like i dont kno if im crazy. My boyfriend keeps telling me im not but i KNOW my body and something is REALLY wrong! Somethings i even look smell make me sick to my stomach my left side lower stomach has a throbbing sensation! On top of that my ribs hurt sometimes.. and just the other day me and my boyfriend got into a very very big fight and we were yelling at each othe and all the sudden i got this sharp pain in my stomach everytime our arguement would get heated and i would raise my voice that would happen! And if i am pregnant iwant to take care of myself and i kno he would take care of me to he would be there for alll my needs i wanna be healthy but its jus so confusing! My mom came to visit and even she said i look pregnant and something about my stomach being warm(whatever that means) Should i go for a blood test or juss wat_t till i go to labor lol! But i really need some help!!!!!!! Is there any other ways to see if im pregnant besides a pregnancy test or blood test ?


mjvdec01 - November 9

Get a blood test!!! HCG(the pregnancy hormone) builds in the blood first and at some point- which is different for everyone it then spills in to the urine. If you are pregnant you HCG level would be elevated. Go to the doctor, don't screw around with this. If you are 3 months pregnant then you need prenatal care immediately. Prenatal vitamins are a must, especially folic acid! Again, GO TO THE DOCTOR!



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