Period Like Cramps But No Period

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alicia - March 18

Has anyone ever had cramping like your period was on its way but no period? i feel like im preg but hpt all neg.


dee - March 18

its probably coming but is just late i get that and come on exactly a week after im due on


Tiffany - March 18

ME! And I never get menstral cramps. The are very mild though, so we'll see. If AF does show on Monday, than this will have been the worst PMS I've had in years!


Lulu - March 18

I used to have excruciating cramps a week or 2 before i even start my period. Hang in there girl.


MM - March 18

I have been having period-like cramps for the last week or so also & no period. I hardly ever get cramps with my period & when I do they don't last very long.


MM - March 18

I am going to take an hpt either after work or tomorrow morning


dora - March 18

yes me


brandi - March 18

i had that with my first pregnancy.i kept thinking my period was cominy and never did.


Michelle - March 18

I am experiencing that right now. It is really unusual for me. I am due for AF on Sunday and I never have cramps until 2-4 hours after I actually start. I am only 7 dpo so I have not tried to test yet. I am so anxious to see what happens on Sunday.


ak - March 18

I have been cramping on and off for a week. I am having all the symptoms of my period, but I am four days late. I have shown negative for hpt. I am going to take the blood test on Monday if I have not started. From all the information I have read I should be showing positive on the hpt b/c I would be five weeks now. I am hoping that info is wrong though and that I am pregnant


Michelle - March 20

After readind many postings on this and other message boards, i wouldn't get discouraged at possible 5 weeks. If it still does't show at 8 weeks then you can be discouraged, but it is still possible. My Dr.'s policy is that you can call a ask for a blood test one week after a missed AF. You might try to get one and stop the waiting. Good Luck with testing tomorrow.


diva - March 23

i have all the signs of pregnancy n now its over a month since i had af. i also took a preg test few days bck but it was negative. could i be pregnant?


ld14824 - March 23

I've been having this now for the last almost the last week and i'm af is 5 days late. I always get really bad cramps the first day of af and then after that it's all pain free but for the last week it's been minor cramping here and there but i'm still getting a BFN....I'm wondering if i should go in for a blood test??...


Wendy - March 24

For sure,, I had period like cramping for about a week before so thought AF was coming,, never arrived still had period like cramps till about 7 wks... and now 11 wks pregnant... good luck


michelle - March 24

same happened to me tests were negative but turned positive within in 10 mins but had thrown them away. amjust over 4 weeks preg.... having bad cramps but have relised its irritable bowel pains..(as well as period like pains)


Rachel - May 5

I am going through that right now. I've had these bad pains for 3 weeks now that feel just like a period would but no period and it says Im not pregnet...and the cramps kill! I am wondering myself when I am going to get my period..I'm 2 weeks late!


vanessa - May 5

Me too.. I had AF like cramps and swore it was coming. DH forced me to take the test at four days late... I was sure it was just my period coming on but nope! Two lines!! If you are late already, I would suggest taking a sensitive test and see what "pops" up! ;)



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