Period Pains Without The Period

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Pamela Nicol - November 17

Could someone please tell me if you can have the symptoms of starting your periods without the blood if you have conceived?


Lee oaks - November 17

yes you can have the pains without the blood which can be an indication of pregnancy, well I had it. Has anyone else?


Jane Irvin - November 17

HI Pamela would have thought more would have replied!! I am in the same situation as you. except 3 days late have had the cramping but no blood whish more people would answer. I really think I am pregnant but not wanting to do a pregnancy test just yet.


Cheri - November 17

I'm going through the same thing...3 days late...cramping but no blood....really nervous and anxious.


Confused. - November 17

Hi. I know how you feel, I am a week late now and had my husband rubbing my back last week because I felt like I was about to get my period. Still no sign! I took a test and it was negative so I a__sume I am not pregnant, just wanting to know whats going on! Dont be worried about taking a test Jane, It will ease your mind and you will know either way. Good luck.


Audrey - November 17

I had PMS-like symptoms including abdominal discomfort for ten days before I realized that something was "different" and took a test (which turned out positive).


cramping - November 17

I too am cramping without any bleeding. I am now 4 days late and have been having cramping for 5 days. I am hoping to be pregnant, but have taken a hpt and it was neg.


Jen - November 17

I am 18days late. Last week I had period like symptoms. I have a few episodes of dizzyness and feeling like I am going to throw up but this week has been good so far except my b___sts are a little sore but it comes and goes. Also Last week I had some ovarie pain... I guess It was my ovaries not really sure. I had a blood test done but it was negative and that was last thursday I haven't tested since then. I dont know what is going on but its driving me nuts.


wondering - November 18

I haven't had my period in 9 weeks! I have taken three blood tests - just the type that tell you yes or no. I asked for the other one that gives you the number of the hormones but the doctor said it is too expensive (I have excellent insurance) She wants to see my in a few weeks if I still don't have my period. The last 2 weeks I have been experiencing cramping. Yesterday my nippples became very sore and extremely sensitive to the touch. I have gained weight. I have on and off feelings like I have to throw up - which I haven't though. Dizziness as well. I am beginning to wonder what is wrong since the tests keep coming back negative. Today I have tugging like cramps on both sides. Can anyone tell me what they think?


dancer - November 18

I just found out that I am pregnant! All this time (about 3 weeks) I have had cramping but no blood. I go for my first visit in two weeks and hopefully I'll have more information then.


c - November 18

Dancer, when was your last period??


confused - November 18

I am 3 weeks late and having cramps but still no blood. I usually have beginning spotting a day or two before and that didnt even come. Now Im having what feels like menstrual cramps, achiness and lower back aches and leg aches. My hpt was neg. but going next week for blood test. Is this cramping normal or a sign of complications? Its really uncomfortable!


UNCOFORTABLE - November 19



Silly me - November 19

I've read what everyone has been writing.i'm a bit lost myself .I dont understand what my body is thinking right now.I do know i had my last period on nov 2 ,what i dont get is my b___st have been really tender since nov 14 i have put on a little bit of weight i can see in my tummy,i have some cramping , ga__sy and some bloating.. i should be getting my period Dec 3" i think" o yes i have a cloudy white discharge from my b___st.. is it possibale to show symptoms of pregnacy this early...that whould make me two weeks pregnate


Clara - November 19

My husband and I have started tryng to have a baby. I recently stopped using the patch which works just like the pill, so after the my period on Nov. 2nd, i didn't start a new patch pack. My next period is not due until Nov. 30 but like Silly Me, I have had cramping and lots of gas. I have also felt nauseated for the last week and a half but do not have sore brest. Last week I used the bathroom and noticed a big spot of very light blood. The spotting only happened that once. It's probably too early to take a hpt but I really want to know if I'm pregnant.


Kelsey - November 20

I have been the same! I spotted last week (Nov. 10) and was not suppose to get my period until November 16th. Well it is now November 20th and still no period. I was feeling crampy all week like I was going to get my period and it just didn't come. I have felt light headed and dizzy a few times. However my b___sts don't hurt? Do you think I am pregnant? I took a test after I was two days late and it came back negative...........What do you think? Confused also!


Margo - November 20

I am three days late, and wish I'd found this site sooner, since I have myself convinced I'm psychologically delaying my period (though we've been trying to conceive). Because I'm a 'to the minute' 28 day cycle, I went off to the doctor for a urine test the first day of my missed period (two days ago)...and it came back negative. 3 HPTs also negative. I've felt pre-menstreul for about a week and a half.



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