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amber - November 4

Has anyone had there period when they were pregnant? And if so, was it normal and can you have a postive hpt if you have your period?


lilly - November 4

hi, yeah i have just found out that i am 6 months pregnant and ive had all my periods, plus none of the pregnancy tests came out possitive they all said negative!!! if it wasnt for my stomach growing bigger and bigger i never would guessed that i was pregnant


amber - November 5

WOW!!! Did your doctor say why or how that can happen?


Viv - November 5

About 25% of pregnant women have some kind of bleeding at period time during the first trimester. A few have it even longer.


lilly - November 6

my doctor just said that some women do have there periods during there pregnancy and because your hormone level arent high enough to stop your periods then they arent high enough to be detected on a pregnany test. it has happened to my best friend aswell and she didnt know till she was 6 months gone because her periods had stopped at 5 months and about two weeks ago she gave birth to a beautiful little baby boy, its my turn next :)


lilly - November 6

ohh and my periods are full ones, they are alot more painfuller but they last 8 days and they are still very regular


Sheri - November 12

Hi, my stomach is getting bigger and I feel movements just below my belly b___ton. Have been having my periods without missing any. Scared to go to the doctor.


nichelle - November 13

can you be on your period and be pregnant?


Audrey - November 13

Nichelle and Sheri - yes, you can have periods and still be pregnant. Lilly's answer explains why. Normally it wouldn't be anything to worry about but you can still see your doc if you're concerned. You don't have to be scared, the doc is the best person to talk to about these things and he will not talk about your case to anyone.



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